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Yugoimport Plans to Produce Milos Lightweight Multiple Launch Rocket Vehicle


Yugoimport Plans to Produce Milos Lightweight Multiple Launch Rocket Vehicle

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Yugoimport Plans to Produce Milos Lightweight Multiple Launch Rocket Vehicle
Yugoimport Plans to Produce Milos Lightweight Multiple Launch Rocket Vehicle

Serbian defense company Yugoimport has revealed its ambitious plans to develop the world’s lightest Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS). The innovative system is based on the Milosh, a versatile 4×4 armored vehicle, and is designed to be equipped with 28 launcher tubes capable of firing the deadly S-8 KOM unguided rockets. The Milosh, introduced by Yugoimport at the International Defence Exhibition and Conference (IDEX) in Abu Dhabi in February 2017, has already garnered praise for its adaptability across various military operations. From artillery reconnaissance to anti-tank and anti-terrorism operations, the Milosh has proven itself to be a versatile platform capable of meeting the diverse needs of modern military forces.

The MLRS adaptation of the Milosh takes versatility to a new level with its unique design, featuring a pod of 28 launch tubes of 80 mm caliber mounted on the vehicle’s roof. The rectangular configuration with two layers of 14 tubes each not only maximizes firepower but also optimizes space efficiency. What sets this system apart is the choice of the S-8 KOM unguided rockets, widely recognized for their efficacy in destroying both armored and light-armored targets. These rockets, commonly used by Russian-made military helicopters and aircraft, incorporate advanced features such as ready-made rolled aluminum and a fin-locking mechanism, reducing manufacturing costs and enhancing operational reliability. The rocket’s fragmentation effect adds to its lethality against enemy personnel.

Milosh 4×4 Multipurpose Vehicle
Milosh 4×4 Multipurpose Vehicle. (Photo by Yugoimport)

Delving into the technical specifics of the S8 LC-20 rocket launcher system, the 80 mm caliber rockets boast an impressive maximum range of 6,800 meters. The overall mass of the system, standing at 14,000 kg, with the superstructure alone weighing 700 kg, showcases a remarkable balance between mobility and firepower. The launcher is equipped with an advanced fire control system, including an electro-optical sight, thermal imaging camera, and laser range finder, providing operators with flexibility in choosing single or volley fire modes.This latest development from Yugoimport represents a significant leap forward in modern warfare technology, offering a potent blend of mobility, firepower, and versatility.

The BOV M16 Milos is a Serbian 4×4 multipurpose armoured vehicle (MPAV) used for military and law enforcement applications. It features a V-hull, integrating floating-floor plates, and blast-mitigation seating to protect occupants against land mines and improvised explosive devices (IEDs). Milos could be used for the numerous tactical missions and it can be equipped with different types of weapons and other specialized equipment including air-conditioning and CBRN defense systems, modern communication equipment, Command Information System, radar for tracking ground or aerial targets, night vision, thermal and other cameras. Different types of missions includes patrol, reconnaissance, command vehicle, transportation and support units for special operations such as border and territory control and many other tasks.

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