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Ares Supplies Brazilian Army with UT30BR Remote Controlled Weapon Station Simulator


Ares Supplies Brazilian Army with UT30BR Remote Controlled Weapon Station Simulator

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Ares Supplies Brazilian Army with UT30BR Remote Controlled Weapon Station Simulator
Ares Supplies Brazilian Army with UT30BR Remote Controlled Weapon Station Simulator

The Brazilian company ARES, a subsidiary of Israel’s Elbit Systems, has supplied the Brazilian army with a UT30BR remote controlled weapon station simulator (UT30SIM), a product of its own design and manufacturing. The UT30SIM simulator, which will be installed at the Santa Maria Armored Training Center in Rio Grande do Sul, is designed for classroom use and consists of a 3-screen instructor’s station. The trainees, including the commander and operator, are situated inside a structure that replicates the combat compartment of the Iveco Guaraní 6×6 armored vehicle. Aside from the models offered in Brazil, ARES provides its simulators in Argentina and, in 2023, delivered a simulator similar to the one supplied to the Brazilian army to Indonesia.

Ares UT30BR is a brazilian variant of the Elbit UT30 Mk 2 remote controlled weapon station. The system incorporates a 30mm automatic cannon, a 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun, a Laser Warning System (LWS), commander panoramic sight and smoke grenade launchers. ATGM (Anti-Tank Guided Missiles) are fully integrated with the Turret and Turret Fire Control System, Laser Warning System (LWS) and optional Smoke Grenade Launcher System (SGL). It also is fully dual axis stabilized and combines an automatic target tracker. Using the latest technology, the UT30BR system is the result of 30 years experience in development of fire systems, acquisition and automatic tracking of targets in gyro-stabilized platforms.

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Ares UT30BR Remote Controlled Weapon Station
Ares UT30BR Remote Controlled Weapon Station. (Photo by Brazilian Army)

Ares UT30SIM is a 3D virtual simulator that enables the training of operators of the Remotely Controlled Weapon System – UT30BR in a secure environment, ensuring increased shooter performance and drastically reducing logistical costs associated with training and troop exercises. Its operation and integration are carried out through a transport case that accommodates the system and allows its connection with UT30BR. The instructor interface allows the creation of various scenarios, such as daytime and nighttime missions, low visibility, adverse weather conditions, and simulated malfunctions, enabling the instructor to assess the student’s progress and intervene whenever necessary for corrections. At the end of the training, the system generates comprehensive performance reports.

Ares is a Brazilian company with over 45 years of experience in the country, serving with excellence to the Brazilian armed forces, providing technological solutions in equipment and customized systems. In recent years the company has accumulated enough experience to structure the first Center of excellence in the development and manufacture of weapons and Artillery towers in Brazil. Currently, the company concentrates its activities in the planning, design, development, manufacture, integration, maintenance and marketing of products in three main lines of business: Weapons stations, Naval Systems, optical and electro-optical. Since 2010, the company is part of Elbit Systems Group-one of the world’s leading supplier of defense systems-passing to ensure the increase in the supply of new technologies for military use and, consequently, contributing to national development.

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