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Kalashnikov Delivers Strelok Combat Equipment to Russian Armed Forces


Kalashnikov Delivers Strelok Combat Equipment to Russian Armed Forces

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Kalashnikov Delivers Strelok Combat Equipment to Russian Armed Forces
Kalashnikov Delivers Strelok Combat Equipment to Russian Armed Forces

The Triada-TKO company, under the umbrella of the Kalashnikov firearms manufacturer, has successfully delivered 25 thousand sets of the advanced Strelok combat equipment. This delivery fulfills the company’s commitment to providing a comprehensive solution for individual armor protection and equipment needs within the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. At the core of the Strelok combat equipment is the “Corset Plus” body armor, boasting additional protection modules, a set of strategically designed pouches, and a spacious 30-liter backpack. This integrated kit represents a leap forward in the field, offering a holistic approach to addressing the evolving challenges faced by military personnel.

A standout feature of the Strelok kit is its exceptional bulletproof protection. The body armor ensures robust defense in the chest and back sections against rifle armor-piercing cartridges, including those with a steel heat-strengthened core. The increased area of anti-fragmentation protection, covering over 70% of the body area with more than 135 dm², sets a new standard for personal protective equipment. The armor elements exhibit an impressive level of anti-fragmentation resistance, surpassing 630 m/s. The modularity of the Strelok combat equipment is a key strength, offering flexibility in configuring the kit to align with specific service requirements and combat missions.

To enhance user comfort and usability, the Strelok body armor incorporates a weight distribution system. This innovative design effectively transfers part of the body armor’s weight from the back and shoulders to the user’s waist and hips. Moreover, the product’s versatility allows for independent adjustment of the armor protection position, catering to the individual needs and preferences of the wearer and adapting to different uniform configurations depending on the season. Prior to delivery, the Strelok kit underwent rigorous testing to validate its protective characteristics. This adaptability ensures that military personnel can optimize their gear to suit the demands of diverse operational environments.

Triada-TKO has begun the deliveries of new all-weather field outfits for troops designed jointly with Russia’s Defense Ministry. The first batch included several dozen thousand summer and wind-and water-resistant sets of uniforms and service caps. The new VKPO 3.0 field outfits have been designed jointly with specialists of the Russian Defense Ministry’s clothing supply department and feature improved properties. The successful completion of these tests underscores the commitment of the Triada-TKO company to delivering equipment that meets the highest standards of quality and reliability.

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