General Dynamics Business Units to Participate in Defence and Security Equipment International
General Dynamics Business Units to Participate in Defence and Security Equipment International

General Dynamics Business Units to Participate in Defence and Security Equipment International

Three business units of General Dynamics will be among the exhibitors at Defence and Security Equipment International scheduled for September 12 to 15, 2023, at the ExCeL Centre, in London, England. General Dynamics Missions Systems-United Kingdom will unveil the Compact Tactical Gateway on September 12. This next generation gateway extends critical networks to the tactical edge with a rugged housing and increased processing capability. Following is a list of General Dynamics’ products and solutions that will be displayed at Stand H5-406. General Dynamics Land Systems will present at DSEI innovative products, highly integrated systems and other services and solutions that demonstrate an integrated force can face any challenge. The General Dynamics booth will include displays of and information about the following vehicles and systems:

  • Ajax: is a next-generation digital Armoured Fighting Vehicle (AFV), enabling soldiers to ‘See First, Decide First, Act First’ on the modern battlefield. The British Army, supported by General Dynamics, will be exhibiting a number of Ajax variants around the show-hall at DSEi, including:
    On the Army’s Land Platform Zone (LPZ) – an AJAX Crew Turret Trainer, where visitors can experience an illustrative training scenario, and a turreted AJAX demonstrating the automatic transfer of a target from another AJAX at the show.
    In the VIP Suite – two more turreted Ajax.
    In the Capital Suite – an ARES troop carrying variant
  • Foxhound: the vehicle of choice for the British Army’s light infantry and its most widely deployed armored vehicle. Foxhound delivers the highest level of survivability for a vehicle in its weight class. The utility flat-bed variant will be on the GD stand, illustrating the platform’s unique adaptability due to its modular design and a range of innovative ideas for the Mk2 Foxhound. The vehicle will also showcase General Dynamics Mission Systems’ MESHnet® V6.
  • TRX (Tracked Robot 10-Ton): this heavy Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) is a hybrid-electric drive, rubber-band tracked platform for a variety of mission fits, ranging from loitering munitions, to battlefield engineering and the ATGW ‘Overwatch’ variant exhibited
Ajax Next-generation Digital Armoured Fighting Vehicle (AFV)
Ajax Next-generation Digital Armoured Fighting Vehicle (AFV). (Photo by General Dynamics UK)

General Dynamics Mission Systems is advancing digitalization to meet the most demanding operational requirements on any platform – across air, land, sea, cyber, and space. The General Dynamics booth will highlight the following solutions:

  • Compact Tactical Gateway: Users can stay connected with a portable solution which enables secure tactical information exchange on the battlefield when needed most. A light weight, modular product in rugged housing, it provides those that need it with greater processing power while keeping systems safe and secure.
  • Distributed Sonobuoy Acoustics Processing Suite: Using advanced sonar processing and compression techniques, the Distributed UYS-506 Sonobuoy Processor optimises the bandwidth required to transmit high-fidelity data from crewed and uncrewed aircraft to the ground station without compromising system performance.
  • MESHnet® V6: A truly unified end-to-end solution for the communication and information needs of the modern combat tactical vehicle.
    NetLink: The heart of all of our Tactical Data Link solutions and supported by in-house Command and Control (C2) applications, NetLink enables multi-domain and multi-link connectivity for missions in the air, on land, and at sea.
  • Pyramid compatible Distributed Stores Management System: Designed to fit into any platform – from traditional crewed to small uncrewed platforms and launcher electronics – with reduced size, weight, and power configuration, our Distributed Stores Management System enhances weapons launch and carriage systems for increased impact and effectiveness.
    Shadowcat Radio: A modern, affordable, resilient radio for secure dismounted situational awareness weighing just 0.23 kilograms, it is the size of a commercial smartphone.
  • TACDS: A Cross Domain Solution ensuring the exchange of reliable information while acting as a guard between different networks of enclaves, often at different security levels.
    Airborne Mission Systems: Exponential growth in mission computing capacity through the use of multi-core processing with enhanced cyber resilience and high bandwidth data networks with greater capability to process growing volumes of mission data.
  • Secure Data Recording: Keep ahead of advancements in sensor technologies such as high def EO/IR camera systems and electronic E-Scan radars with our Secure Data Storage product range.
Foxhound (Force Protection Ocelot) Infantry Mobility Vehicle
Foxhound (Force Protection Ocelot) Infantry Mobility Vehicle. (Photo by General Dynamics UK)

GD-OTS is a global leader in the manufacture of large caliber and medium caliber direct fire munitions. From training to tactical ammunition, GDOTS has systems integration expertise built on decades of high-quality munitions manufacturing, innovative munitions design and advanced R&D capabilities to provide our customer with the best value combat solutions available.

  • Missile Subsystems: GD-OTS is a leader in designing, developing, and manufacturing advanced warhead technology and missile components to support major strategic and tactical missile programs.
  • Hydra-70: System integrator of the 2.75-inch (70mm) Hydra-70 family of rockets. GD-OTS has produced more over eight million Hydra-70 Rockets since 1996.
  • Weapons: GD-OTS produces high quality, high-performance aircraft gun systems for a broad spectrum of aircraft applications. GD-OTS’ aircraft Gatling guns are highly lethal combat support for air superiority, ground attack and interdiction missions. By using the latest in composite materials and manufacturing technologies, GD-OTS continues to redefine the versatility of our lightweight Gatling gun and ammunition feed systems.
TRX Tracker Robot 10-ton
TRX Tracker Robot 10-ton. (Photo by General Dynamics UK)

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