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Kalashnikov’s Triada-TKO Rolls Out Advanced VKPO 3.0 Uniforms in Digital Camo


Kalashnikov’s Triada-TKO Rolls Out Advanced VKPO 3.0 Uniforms in Digital Camo

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Kalashnikov's Triada-TKO Rolls Out Advanced VKPO 3.0 Uniforms in Digital Camo
Kalashnikov's Triada-TKO Rolls Out Advanced VKPO 3.0 Uniforms in Digital Camo

The Triada-TKO company, a part of the renowned Kalashnikov concern, has commenced the delivery of more than 100 thousand sets of the latest all-season field uniform VKPO 3.0 model 2023, featuring the cutting-edge “Digital” color scheme. This development marks a notable advancement in military apparel, with the kit meticulously crafted by specialists from the company in collaboration with the client’s specialized department. The revamped VKPO 3.0 comprises eight essential clothing elements, tailored for diverse weather conditions: a summer suit, a wind- and moisture-proof suit, a demi-season suit, an insulated suit, a fleece jacket, fleece underwear, a demi-season hat, and a summer cap.

A key highlight of the VKPO 3.0 model 2023 lies in its adeptness at facilitating effective thermoregulation across varying levels of physical activity, ensuring comfortable usage in temperate climates spanning temperatures from –25 to +40 degrees Celsius. Distinguished by enhanced ergonomics, utilization of novel materials, and integrated protection for crucial joint areas such as elbows and knees, the VKPO 3.0 model 2023 represents a significant leap in uniform design. Notably, this updated version of the set incorporates shoulder straps, with subtle modifications made to both the summer and insulated suits, enhancing overall functionality.

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Triada-TKO VKPO 3.0 model 2023.
Triada-TKO VKPO 3.0 model 2023. (Photo by Kalashnikov)

Simultaneously, the Triada-TKO company remains steadfast in its commitment to supply over 200 thousand sets of the updated VKPO 3.0, now available in Multicam colors, to meet the diverse needs of its clientele. This move by Kalashnikov signifies not only a stride forward in the realm of military apparel but also underscores a dedication to providing soldiers with cutting-edge equipment tailored to modern combat environments. The introduction of the digital color scheme alongside other enhancements in the VKPO 3.0 model 2023 exemplifies Kalashnikov’s unwavering pursuit of excellence in defense technology.

“Triad-TKO” dates back to 2012 under the “Group 99” brand. The company was founded by enthusiasts who wanted to develop and produce clothing and equipment in Russia for special forces in accordance with international standards. Since 2018, the company has been part of the Kalashnikov Group of Companies and becomes part of the Russian military-industrial complex. We are a team of wide-ranging specialists who realize their competencies in the development and production of special equipment for military personnel. In our activities, we rely on the desire to develop our state and an understanding of the development trends in action tactics, the current level of COMPETENCIES of military personnel and the requirements for their EQUIPMENT.

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