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Babcock Unveils Realistic Immersive Training to Create Optimal Training Environment


Babcock Unveils Realistic Immersive Training to Create Optimal Training Environment

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Babcock Immersive Training Experience (BITE)
Babcock Immersive Training Experience (BITE)

Babcock has unveiled its latest experiential tool to support individual and collective training. To ensure military and civil resilience teams are ready to face the most demanding and realistic environments, Babcock has developed the Babcock Immersive Training Experience (BITE), launched at IT2EC. BITE helps to recreate authentic, immersive training experiences to rapidly train personnel to be ready for any situation. With all visual, audio and biometric feeds being monitored from an external control room, the intensity of the experience can be adjusted in real time, bringing learners closer to the realism of front-line operations more than ever before, in a safe and controlled environment.

Tom Newman, CEO of Babcock’s Land Sector, said: “Creating immersive training opportunities for defence and resilience environments is vital to help develop high performing individuals and teams who are prepared for the realities of modern conflict and complex national resilience challenges. BeaverFit’s custom-made equipment, along with BITE’s use of advanced game engine software to maintain measurement and control of the experience, unlocks the ability to experience the realistic stresses of modern combat and resilience operations, in a safe environment.”

Tom Beaver, Managing Director of BeaverFit, said: “By leveraging our expertise in manufacturing and Babcock’s leadership in training solutions, we’ve developed a unique set up that equips personnel with the skills and readiness needed to navigate the complexities of modern warfare and national resilience.”

Using human performance monitoring technology, exercises can be controlled to ensure trainees remain in the zone of optimal learning in line with prescribed training outcomes. BITE supports rapid analysis of insights to enhance the effectiveness of after-action reviews, allowing learners to fail fast, putting them in control of what they need to do to improve and succeed. It is scalable and adaptable due to its modular configuration, meaning it can be used across live, virtual and constructive environments. BITE has been developed by Babcock and BeaverFit, who design equipment to enable focused preparation for modern-day tactical operations and exercises. The military variant of BITE, Proteus, is on display at IT2EC (9 to 11 April), it can be adapted to any civil operational environment to incorporate a range of training needs, with changes to the look, feel, sounds and aromas.

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