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BAE Systems Awarded Contract to Maintain and Repair L119 Light Guns in Ukraine


BAE Systems Awarded Contract to Maintain and Repair L119 Light Guns in Ukraine

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L119 Light Gun
L119 Light Gun

The UK Ministry of Defence has awarded BAE Systems a contract to maintain and repair gifted L119 Light Guns in Ukraine. The contract, which was announced during a recent UK Government-led trade mission to Kyiv, means that L119s which were donated by the UK to Ukraine can be serviced in country and returned to the frontline more quickly. The L119 Light Gun has proved to be a trusted system that Ukrainian forces have favoured because of its accurate firepower, light weight, low logistical requirements and mobility. As the original manufacturer of the Light Gun, as well as more than 15 other systems in use in Ukraine, BAE Systems has been working with allied governments since the start of the war to help with training and support.

“As the conflict in Ukraine continues it is vital that the UK Government and UK industry continue to support the Ukrainians to sustain their equipment. The contract with BAE Systems for the refurbishment of the L119 Light Gun continues the UK’s theme of enabling the maintenance and repair of equipment inside Ukraine to minimise the time that equipment will be away from the front line. The repair facility that has been secured is scalable to provide a similar capability for UK and other nations’ systems. This commitment from BAE Systems and AMS to work in country demonstrates the continued support from the UK Government and Defence Industry to the Armed Forces of Ukraine,”
Major General Anna-Lee Reilly, Director DE&S Operations, UK Ministry of Defence said.

L119 Light Gun
L119 Light Gun. (Photo by BAE Systems)

“We’re committed to working with our government customers and industry partners to provide solutions that will help Armed Forces Ukraine secure victory. Our partner establishing a strategic military repair facility will significantly reduce the time that critical artillery assets are out of service. This contract is another step in strengthening our relationship and paves the way for us to provide more direct, long-term support to Ukraine,”Gabby Costigan, Group Managing Director, Business Development said.

Following a meeting with President Zelenskyy in 2023, the Company has established a legal entity in Ukraine, opened an office and signed agreements to better understand and support Ukraine’s capability requirements and to help revitalise Ukraine’s industrial base. The L119 contract builds on a teaming agreement signed with British company AMS in December. Under the contract, BAE Systems and the AMS team will provide maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services from maintenance facilities in Ukraine. As well as providing support to gifted equipment, BAE Systems has also been involved in delivering major elements of the UK Government’s cyber security support to Ukraine. The Company’s capabilities are helping to detect, block and counter both destructive cyber-attacks and cyber espionage against military targets as well as civilian infrastructure that supports vital services for the Ukrainian people.

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