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Texelis and Advanced Armoured Engineering Announce A Strategic Memorandum of Understanding


Texelis and Advanced Armoured Engineering Announce A Strategic Memorandum of Understanding

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Texelis and Advanced Armoured Engineering Announce A Strategic Memorandum of Understanding
Texelis and Advanced Armoured Engineering Announce A Strategic Memorandum of Understanding

On the eve of World Defense Show 2024 in Riyadh, Texelis and Advanced Armoured Engineering (AAE) have officially announced a new partnership to collaborate on developing new land defence solutions for their customers. Texelis is a provider of mobility solutions for military and heavy-duty vehicles. It has been supplying mechanical parts such as axles for decades, for the French Army, its main client, as well as for export markets. In 2017, Texelis scored a contract to supply the French Army with 4×4 armoured vehicles in partnership with Nexter. Building on that success, Texelis is now offering full mobility solutions for OEMs and other actors looking to develop new vehicles or associated services in the 12-18t range. Launched under the name CELERIS, this offer combines already developed and qualified hardware and software kits, as well as full support and documentation to develop a full new vehicle based on the CELERIS mobility platform, conduct all necessary adaptations, and support it throughout its life cycle.

Sébastien Guillon, Sales Director for Texelis, said : “Texelis truly believes in partnerships. One never achieves anything great alone, which we demonstrated with the fantastic team we put together to create CELERIS. We wanted a trusted partner to further develop our solution, and this is exactly what we found at AAE. Working with AAE will help us getting access to zones where they are well established, such as the Middle East. We will also be cooperating through joint promotion and future product development for added value for our customers and partners”.

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Abdon Castro, Commercial Director of AAE said: “This strategic partnership with Texelis provides to manufacturers of military vehicles a great opportunity to seamlessly integrate an all- rounded proven mobility platform in use by European armed forces with our solutions that are designed to use high-grade and latest generations of armour steel to jointly address the dynamic needs of end users while developing advanced solutions for heavy military vehicles”

4×4 APC built on Texelis’ CELERIS.
4×4 armoured vehicles built on Texelis’ CELERIS. (Photo by Texelis)

Texelis’ CELERIS offer is a great alternative for customers looking for high-performance mobility, which commercial chassis cannot offer, without the hassle, expense and delays of developing an in-house solution. Looking forward to expanding that offer, and to better serve its customers and partners, Texelis aims at better understanding the technical intricacies of adapting and integrating different protection solutions. Advanced Armour Engineering (AAE) is a provider of armoured steel-based survivability solutions for heavy military vehicles that they sell to the international vehicle OEM community, and which are complementary to Texelis’ mobility platform solution. Through the new partnership with AAE, Texelis will benefit from AAE’s expertise and insight, and will work on interfacing AAE’s armoured solutions on Texelis’ platforms, thus developing new processes and offers. Texelis’ and AAE’s solutions combined can offer a great opportunity for new or current manufacturers to create new ranges and develop new vehicles from scratch in record time.

TEXELIS is a leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance axles and innovative mobility solutions for heavy-duty passenger transport vehicles and total mobility solutions for 4×4, 6 ×6 and 8×8 military vehicles. The company has built its company reputation on the very highest standards of quality and service. TEXELIS is dedicated to continued investment in the expertise of its people, products and industrial resources, resulting in the very high reliability and availability that customers demand.

Advanced Armour Engineering (AAE) is a leading metal fabrication specialist for Defence and Security projects based in the UAE. Operating from a new modern secure manufacturing facility in SAIF Zone, Sharjah, UAE. The company have over 15 years experience in design, development and manufacture of components and structures from armoured grade materials. Due to unique processing abilities the company can also give the opinion to integrate the latest generation ultra high hard Armour, this means thinner plates can be used than before allowing for significant weight and cost reductions. Over the years AAE Technicians have assisted many of the Global armoured vehicle manufactures to realize significant savings in both cost and weight by implementing our recommended design improvements.

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