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LANCO Awarded German Armed Forces Contract to Supply Einheitszelt II Tents


LANCO Awarded German Armed Forces Contract to Supply Einheitszelt II Tents

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LANCO Awarded German Armed Forces Contract to Supply Einheitszelt II Tents
LANCO Awarded German Armed Forces Contract to Supply Einheitszelt II Tents

LANCO was awarded a new framework agreement by the Bundeswehr (German Armed Forces). The company will be the proud suppliers of the Einheitszelt type II legacy tent, already in use by the German armed forces since the 1990s. The Einheitszelt II (EHZ II), or multi-purpose tent (MPT II), is in some ways similar to our RDT exoskeleton tents, while in other details to our INNOVA tents. These tents are mostly preferred by our defense and civil defense customers. They are robust, only need a minimum of ground preparation, they adapt well to the terrain and the fabric is in accordance with military standards. Another important benefit of these ranges of tents is that they are perfectly fit for long-term deployment in harsh environments.

The Einheitszelt II is designed to be versatile, durable and easily deployable. It is an essential part of military infrastructure, providing shelter for personnel and equipment during field operations. It will be equipped with modular rigid floors and packed in olive green metal racks thus increasing the deployment effciency. The modular design ensures flexibility based on the specific needs of the mission, and use in all climate zones. The basic unit consists of 3 sections, 6.30 x 7.40 m, and it can be extended in 2.40 m steps. The assembly doesn’t require any tools and it needs around 3-4 people. As far as the resistance to agents is concerned, the EHZ II can stand winds of 120 km/h and a snow load of 50 km/m².

Germany is home to one of the most advanced militaries in the world, as far as the equipment quality is concerned. The framework agreement that LANCO was recently awarded covers the supply of 200 Einheitszelt II tents. Since 1953 the brand name LANCO stands for progress and investment in research. From the first camping tents, back in 1953, to rigid frame and inflatable shelters in the 1960s, decontamination systems in the 90s and rescue boats 20 years ago.
LANCO is widely recognized for its industry-leading production of fully integrated deployable solutions, including soft shelters, generators, heaters, air filtration devices and flexible tanks, all manufactured in the EU, currently used by defense agencies worldwide, as well as civilian government, international organizations and / agencies, and commercial customers.

Company portfolio has grown to fully cover shelters, decontamination systems and rescue boats, and CBRN collective protection systems. LANCO have with the LANCO SG-Tent. The 40 mm aluminum frame shelter impresses with its simple structure and durability. Its straightforward assembly and stability will take on the toughest missions. This is a shelter that we manufacture in many variants, such as an accommodation or a medical tent with a base area ranging from 129 sf to 635 sf. When every second counts, it is time to deploy the inflatable rescue shelters. In a maximum of 2 minutes per shelter, a whole temporary city for initial treatment is set up by compressed air or an electric blower. Another characteristic for this product group is the simple erection with a minimum operating crew.

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