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Galvion Introduces Batlchrg Soldier Systems Wireless Charging Concept at SOF Week 2024


Galvion Introduces Batlchrg Soldier Systems Wireless Charging Concept at SOF Week 2024

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Galvion Introduces Batlchrg Soldier Systems Wireless Charging Concept at SOF Week 2024
Galvion Introduces Batlchrg Soldier Systems Wireless Charging Concept at SOF Week 2024

Galvion, a world leader in power and data management solutions and innovative head protection systems, will be demonstrating their new soldier systems wireless charging concept at SOF Week 2024. This BATLCHRG™ concept demonstration follows the January 2024 announcement regarding Galvion’s strategic investment partnership with the Canadian technology firm, Quaze Technologies. Galvion’s investment in Quaze combines the relative strengths of the technological innovation of both companies in bringing ground-breaking wireless charging technology to the soldier systems market. Galvion will be exhibiting the BATLCHRG wireless charging concept, along with their wider systems and solutions, at SOF Week 2024 on booth 948. For SOF Week 2024, Galvion is demonstrating the BATLCHRG wireless charging capability in two battlefield scenarios: integrated into a vehicle seat and wall-mounted mat in a ready-room scenario. Both instances demonstrate that soldiers can charge multiple battery powered systems through the wireless power transfer system.

The robust wireless solution utilizes a charging mat and receiver configuration that has excellent power transfer rates and efficiency, a broad position tolerance to account for movement and misalignment of surfaces, and functionality even in the harshest environments, proving efficient even when covered with water, snow, dirt, or dust. Integrating with Galvion’s power & data eco-system, including 2-Port Power & Data Hub (PDH-2), Personal Worn Scavenger (PWS) and SoloPack™ battery, the BATLCHRG wireless concept significantly reduces the logistic burden of battlefield power management, and will greatly extend functionality and capability by allowing soldier power systems to automatically and wirelessly charge when in static positions, such as travelling in a vehicle, on sentry duty, manning a command post or resting. Quaze’s Surface Power Technology revolutionizes the way devices are powered, enabling easy and reliable wireless charging for remote or autonomous devices on land, sea or air. Powered by magnetic resonance, this technology offers a safe, secure and seamless solution to efficiently charge multiple devices with variable power demands across a wide platform surface area.

Todd Stirtzinger, CEO at Galvion, said: “As experts in the soldier systems field, we are constantly looking for ways to minimize the burden for our warfighters. In October of 2023, we demonstrated our Charge on the Move capability, using our Squad Power Manager™ in a vehicle-mounted configuration to leverage vehicle power systems for the dismounted soldier today. Our strategic partnership with Quaze, and the resulting BATLCHRG™ capability that we are showcasing at SOF Week, envisions a wireless charging model that will push the boundaries of untethered power provision and management for the future.” Stirtzinger added: “We see great potential in wireless technology, which allows unprecedented flexibility in terms of system expansion when combined with software development, and Galvion is poised to capitalize on these integrations for the future.”

Quaze Technologies is a Canadian-based leading innovator in wireless power transfer technology. Committed to empowering autonomous systems, Quaze’s solutions are at the forefront of transforming industries and revolutionizing how robots, drones, and autonomous machines operate. The company’s cutting-edge technology enables power transfer without constraints, making them pioneers in the world of wireless energy.

Galvion designs, develops, and delivers mission critical head, face, and torso protective solutions as well as intelligent power and data management systems for the world’s most demanding military and tactical teams. Founded in 2002 as Revision Military, a foundational belief in calculated investment and capability expansion led to a strategic refocus, resulting in the divestiture of the protective eyewear business, along with the Revision name, in 2019. Rebranded as Galvion, the company’s products and technology continue to evolve beyond purely passive protection, focusing instead on active systems that enhance performance and survivability, with an eye to the ever-changing demands of the modern battlefield. Through advanced design, keen end-user insight and intelligent integration, Galvion engineers uniquely customized solutions that go beyond what was once thought possible.

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