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AGEMA Unmanned Ground Vehicle is ‘In-Service’ with Kraken Special Unit in Ukraine


AGEMA Unmanned Ground Vehicle is ‘In-Service’ with Kraken Special Unit in Ukraine

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Milanion AGEMA Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV)
Milanion AGEMA Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV)

Milanion have announced their flagship AGEMA Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) is ‘in-service’ with the Kraken special unit of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of Ukraine. The Kraken unit is involved in front-line combat missions in Ukraine and the AGEMA UGV can provide vital battlefield support for personnel operating in the harsh Ukrainian winter conditions. Engineered for the most demanding missions, the AGEMA UGV is designed to operate in the most hostile and harsh environments. In Ukraine, the UGV will be used to provide support for ‘last-mile resupply’ and medical evacuation (Medevac). Providing critical relief and safety for soldiers by unburdening them from carrying and delivering vital supplies including fuel, food, equipment, and ammunition. It does the dull, dirty, and dangerous work by relieving the heavy burdens, leaving soldiers to focus on the mission. Wounded personnel can quickly and efficiently be evacuated from the battlefield with the AGEMA UGV.

Milanion has a long-standing collaboration with local company Ukrainian Armor, which has facilitated getting the AGEMA into the combat zone. Vladislav Belbas, CEO of Ukrainian Armor, said “Unmanned systems play a very important role in modern warfare. The Kraken unit will provide ongoing feedback for the in-field performance and capabilities of the AGEMA UGV for future upgrades, with a view to enhancing effectiveness and efficiencies.”

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The UGV equips war fighters to dominate the modern battlefield with integrated combat systems that support mission capabilities, increase safety and effectiveness, and enhance situational awareness while expanding reach and access. With its sophisticated AI-based technology, the AGEMA is designed to guide, secure, and protect human personnel and property. Designed for rapid deployment, the AGEMA UGV is a powerful platform with its advanced technology and modular design allowing for unparalleled flexibility and scalability on the battlefield. Its ability to operate in extreme and hostile environments, combined with its all-terrain performance and amphibious capability, makes it a valuable asset for any military unit.

Milanion is a recognised market leader in the design, development and manufacture of unmanned systems that serve to augment and transform team and mission capabilities, to make informed decisions, increase safety and productivity, and expand reach and access. Milanion is an ordinary business transforming our client’s capabilities in an extraordinary way with the knowledge, the will, the skill, the agility and pure durableness needed to succeed in the ‘future world’. Through our guiding principles of simplicity, speed and support Milanion is able to respond, execute and adjust at speed; to develop and deliver robust world-class capability enhancing solutions, within budget and on time to meet changing client needs.

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