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PT Caputra Set to Launch 2 New PC-60M Dorang-Class Patrol Boats for Indonesian Navy


PT Caputra Set to Launch 2 New PC-60M Dorang-Class Patrol Boats for Indonesian Navy

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PT Caputra Set to Launch 2 New PC-60M Dorang-Class Patrol Boats for Indonesian Navy
PT Caputra Set to Launch 2 New PC-60M Dorang-Class Patrol Boats for Indonesian Navy

PT Caputra is gearing up to unveil two PC-60M Dorang-class patrol boats for Indonesian Navy (TNI AL). The event, attended by the Head of the Indonesian Navy’s Materiel Readiness Department, First Admiral Kris Wibowo, marked a crucial milestone in the naval defense capabilities of the country. The recent inspection and physical assessment of the construction of these PC-60M vessels at PT. Caputra Mitra Sejati’s shipyard in Banten on November 17, 2023, underlined the diligent efforts to bolster Indonesia’s maritime strength. The Dorang class, also recognized as Type PC-60 or PC-60M patrol boats, draws its lineage from the KCR-60M fast missile boat and PC-40 patrol boat, showcasing an evolution of design and technology within Indonesian shipyards. With four Dorang-class vessels already operational and two more under construction, this class stands as a testament to Indonesia’s commitment to modernizing its naval fleet. Notably, in times of national emergency, these patrol boats can be adapted to carry anti-ship missiles, adding a layer of versatility and adaptability to the country’s defense strategies.

Dorang (874) and Bawal (875) during the commissioning ceremony
Indonesian Navy PC-60M Dorang-class patrol boat Dorang (874) and Bawal (875) during the commissioning ceremony. (Photo by TNI AL)

The PC-60M Dorang-class patrol boats is 60 metres (196.85 ft) long, 2.72 metres (8.92 ft) draft and 8.5 metres (27.89 ft) wide, powered by two MTU 20V400M73 diesel engines which produce 3,200 kW (4,291.27 hp) of power and are capable of accelerating with a cruising speed of 15 kn (27.78 km/h; 17.26 mph) and a maximum speed of 24 kn (44.45 km/h; 27.62 mph). She has a displacement of 520 tons, with a maximum sailing endurance of six days and can carry 46 active plus 9 reserve personnel. The Dorang-class patrol boat has standard armament in the form of a single-barreled 40 mm OTO Melara main gun which has a tracking system capability because it is equipped with a Laser Range Finder, IR Camera, Day Camera and is integrated with the Fire Control System. In addition, two 12.7 mm heavy machine guns were also installed on the right and left sides of the hull as a defense weapon against air attacks. This ship can be fitted with anti-ship missiles at the stern if required in further modification.

During the appointment ceremony of Indonesian Navy’s then Eastern Fleet Command chief of staff, Rear Admiral Darwanto on 23 January 2015, Indonesia’s then Chief of Staff of the Navy, Admiral Ade Supandi stated that to prevent illegal fishing by foreign commercial vessels in eastern Indonesia, the Indonesian Navy needs at least 15-20 patrol boats operating every day. The performance of elements of military force also needs to be intensified so he concluded that the Indonesian navy needed 40 new patrol boats with a size of 60 metres (200 ft). But for the initial stage, he projects to acquire at least 22 patrol boats first through a gradual procurement process, and also aims to replace older patrol boats. On 31 August 2022, the first two PC-60 patrol boats were inaugurated by Admiral Yudo Margono with Dorang (874) being the lead ship for the class.

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