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Royal Thai Army Expands M758 Autonomous Truck-Mounted Gun (ATMG) Production

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Royal Thai Army Expands M758 Autonomous Truck-Mounted Gun (ATMG) Production

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Royal Thai Army M758 Autonomous Truck-Mounted Gun (ATMG)
Royal Thai Army M758 Autonomous Truck-Mounted Gun (ATMG)

The Royal Thai Army (RTA) has accelerated the production of its domestically crafted M758 Autonomous Truck-Mounted Guns (ATMGs). Recent reports confirm that the RTA is set to receive an additional six of these advanced systems by the end of November, expanding its existing ATMG arsenal to a formidable fleet of 30 units. These innovative ATMGs, integral to the RTA’s infantry battalions and cavalry squadrons, are a testament to Thailand’s commitment to modernizing its defense forces. Furthermore, the RTA has inked a contract slated for completion in 2023 to fabricate an additional six ATMGs specifically for the Royal Thai Marine Corps (RTMC), complementing the existing six units already operational within the corps.

At the heart of these cutting-edge weapons lies the integration of Elbit Systems’ ATMOS 155 mm/52 calibre self-propelled howitzer onto the robust 6×6 10-tonne Tatra truck sourced from the Czech Republic. Manufactured within the Artillery and Mortar Production Division of the RTA’s Weapon Production Centre (WPC) in Lopburi, these ATMGs embody a harmonious amalgamation of imported Israeli weapon systems and locally assembled components. This formidable ATMG boasts a 155 mm/52 calibre ordnance, meticulously engineered to adhere to the NATO Joint Ballistic Memorandum of Understanding (JBMoU). Mounted on a 6 × 6 cross-country truck chassis, the gun’s precision is unrivaled.

Royal Thai Army M758 Autonomous Truck-Mounted Guns (ATMGs)
Royal Thai Army M758 Autonomous Truck-Mounted Guns (ATMGs). (Photo by RTA)

Its advanced features include a horizontal sliding breech mechanism, a hydraulic buffer coupled with a hydro-pneumatic recuperator, and a variable recoil length ranging from 850 to 1,100 mm. The ATMG’s operational versatility is striking, capable of achieving a maximum range of 41 kilometers with the Extended Range Full-Bore – Base Bleed (ERFB-BB) projectile. With NATO L15 High Explosive (HE) projectiles, it maintains a formidable firing range of 30 kilometers, while using the older M107 HE projectile enables a range of 24.5 kilometers. The RTA’s commitment extends beyond assembly to encompass the sourcing of ancillary parts and subsystems from local channels, reinforcing Thailand’s self-reliance and expertise in defense production.

The ATMOS (Autonomous Truck Mounted howitzer System) is a 155 mm/52 calibre self-propelled gun system manufactured by Israeli military manufacturer Soltam Systems (now Elbit Systems). The ATMOS was developed as a private venture and is aimed mainly for export markets, although it has already been demonstrated to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). Wheeled self-propelled guns are usually cheaper to procure than their more common tracked counterparts, have lower life cycle costs and are easier to operate and maintain. The system is integrated with a fully computerized system, providing an automatic control, accurate navigation and target acquisition, the system is offered with various gun barrel lengths, ranging from 39 to 52 calibre, in order to meet different customer requirements.

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