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Senegalese Gendarmerie Receives Norinco VN22B 6×6 Fire Support Vehicle

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Senegalese Gendarmerie Receives Norinco VN22B 6×6 Fire Support Vehicle

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Senegalese Gendarmerie Receives Norinco VN22B 6×6 Fire Support Vehicle
Senegalese Gendarmerie Receives Norinco VN22B 6×6 Fire Support Vehicle

The Senegalese National Gendarmerie (Gendarmerie Nationale) has recently bolstered its defense arsenal with the acquisition of Chinese-made wheeled armored vehicles, including the VN22B 6×6 Fire Support Vehicle. This significant addition represents a notable advancement in the Gendarmerie’s capabilities and reflects Senegal’s commitment to modernizing its military assets. The National Gendarmerie is one of two national law enforcement force of Senegal (the other being the Police Force), serving as a branch of the Armed Forces of Senegal. The VN22B Fire Support Vehicle, manufactured by the Chinese defense company Norinco, boasts a level of technical superiority that surpasses existing wheeled armored vehicles in service with the People’s Liberation Army, including the ZSL-92 series and the ZBL-08 series. It even outperforms some of the latest eight-wheeled combat vehicles still undergoing testing. The introduction of the Norinco VN22B 6×6 Fire Support Vehicle significantly enhances Senegal’s military capabilities, reinforcing its commitment to ensuring the safety and security of its people and defending its territorial integrity.

One of the VN22B’s most striking features is its formidable firepower. Equipped with a 105 mm rifled gun capable of launching armor-piercing fin-stabilized discarding sabot (APFSDS), high explosive (HE), and high-explosive anti-tank (HEAT) ammunition, as well as the indigenous GP105 105 mm gun-fired laser beam riding guided anti-tank missile (ATGM), the vehicle exhibits exceptional active attack performance. While not designed to engage modern main battle tanks, it can effectively penetrate the front armor of tanks like the T-55, T-62, and others, making it a valuable asset in various combat scenarios. The primary mission of the VN22B is to provide critical firepower support to combat units. These versatile armored vehicles play a pivotal role in tactical reconnaissance, territorial defense, convoy escort, and road patrol missions, thus forming an integral part of Senegal’s comprehensive defense strategy. To ensure the safety and survivability of its occupants, the VN22B features integral additional armor, a V-shaped hydraulic jumper protective tailgate, and a suspended seat.

One of the vehicle’s standout features is its semi-active suspension system, allowing the operator to make suspension adjustments directly from the cockpit. This innovative design grants the VN22B the capability to achieve high-speed movement on flat terrain while maintaining exceptional off-road performance, ensuring adaptability in diverse and challenging situations. The VN22B’s rear section is equipped with an irregular V-shaped hydraulic tailgate and an emergency pull door, representing the latest tailgate design to protect against lightning impact and improve blast resistance. The spacious interior accommodates a crew of six, and the absence of a propeller propulsion device at the rear means it does not pursue amphibious capabilities, allowing for a higher weight limit and further reinforcement of its defense against threats such as light weapons and landmines. The vehicle is estimated to defend against 30mmX173mm stabilized armor-piercing projectiles (NATO level six defense) from the front and 14.5X114mm armor-piercing projectiles (NATO level four defense) from specific directions.

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