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German Government Delivers Vehicles and Essential Equipment to Georgia

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German Government Delivers Vehicles and Essential Equipment to Georgia

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German Government Delivers Vehicles and Essential Equipment to Georgia
German Government Delivers Vehicles and Essential Equipment to Georgia

The German ambassador to Georgia, Ernst Peter Fischer, oversaw the handover of vehicles and essential equipment financed through the federal government’s training initiative (EIBReg) on September 28. The ceremonial roll call took place in Tbilisi, where Georgian Defense Minister Juanser Burchuladze received the materiel and equipment, marking an important milestone in the enduring military-political relations between the two nations. This latest delivery of equipment is set to substantially enhance the capabilities of the Georgian engineer forces, particularly in the domain of explosive ordnance defense. With this support, the Georgian armed forces will acquire the means to detect and safely dispose of discovered ammunition and improvised explosive devices. This development promises to contribute significantly to safeguarding the Georgian population, as it empowers pioneer units to provide more targeted support in disaster rescue and injury recovery efforts.

The partnership between Germany and Georgia in the realm of military training and assistance dates back to 1995, with over 2,000 Georgian armed forces members having received training in Germany. From 2001 to 2011, the Bundeswehr deployed military consultants across various domains, including logistics, training, and personnel management, fostering valuable collaboration between the two nations in missions like Kosovo and Afghanistan. Since 2019, Georgia has been a partner in the Federal Government’s training initiative, resulting in six projects either already implemented or currently underway. Notably, some of the vehicles provided to Georgia in this delivery were utilized last August during the crisis response following a tragic landslide in Shovi. The ongoing Russian war of aggression against Ukraine has refocused attention on the security situation in the South Caucasus, prompting additional support plans for this year through the EIBReg projects “Military Engineering” and “Military Medicine.”

The Federal Government’s training initiative, situated in Section 60 of the federal budget, has emerged as a potent foreign and security policy instrument, jointly administered by the Foreign Office and the Ministry of Defense. Established in 2016, the initiative’s primary aim is to provide sustainable support to the security sectors of partner countries, thereby enhancing both Germany’s and Europe’s security. It emphasizes fostering partnerships on equal footing, tailored to the specific needs of partner nations, with a strong focus on empowering local security forces to help themselves. To date, several hundred projects have been successfully completed, with particular attention given to countries facing crises and instability, predominantly in Eastern Europe, including Ukraine, Georgia, and the Republic of Moldova.

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