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Milrem Robotics and Clavister to Collaborate on Cyber Protection of Unmanned Military Vehicles


Milrem Robotics and Clavister to Collaborate on Cyber Protection of Unmanned Military Vehicles

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Milrem Robotics and Clavister to Collaborate on Cyber Protection of Unmanned Military Vehicles
Milrem Robotics and Clavister to Collaborate on Cyber Protection of Unmanned Military Vehicles

Milrem Robotics, the European leading robotics and autonomous systems developer and Clavister, a Swedish cyber security expert signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) during DSEI, London to collaborate together on AI-powered cyber security for unmanned military vehicles. Milrem Robotics is the developer of intelligent robotic systems such as the THeMIS Unmanned Ground Vehicle and the Type-X Robotic Combat Vehicle that are multi-role platforms capable of supporting various defence missions. Milrem is an active contributor to collaborative defence programs and was the leader of the Consortium of the EDIDP integrated Modular Unmanned Ground Systems Project (iMUGS). Similarly, Clavister is leading efforts in growing European cyber security with its AI-powered Cyber Armour solution, protecting military platforms and vehicles. Clavister is part of several European Defence Fund (EDF) research consortiums including COMMANDS providing specialised cyber skills. Milrem and Clavister’s coming together is a natural progression in European cyber defence.

John Vestberg, CEO of Clavister commented on signing the MoU, “I am very excited about this new partnership with Milrem Robotics. We appreciate being an integrated part of vehicles design as that’s where we can contribute the most to ensure Security by design.”

“We always need to be at the forefront of new technologies and cybersecurity is no different. Cyber protection for vehicles is required on today’s digital battlefield and we need to always continue evolving it. Selecting the leading technology partners is key for us and Clavister brings vast knowledge and experience in cyber protection of military vehicles”, said Kuldar Väärsi, founder and CEO of Milrem Robotics.

Type-X RCV Robotic Combat Vehicle Equipped with A Mixed Reality Situational Awareness System
Type-X RCV Robotic Combat Vehicle. (Photo by Milrem Robotics)

The THeMIS is a medium-sized military UGV intended to provide support for dismounted troops by serving as a transport platform, remote weapon station, IED detection and disposal unit etc. The vehicle’s open architecture gives it multi-missions capability. The THeMIS has been integrated with a number of weapons and weapons systems including the FGM-148 Javelin, deFNder Medium, PROTECTOR RWS, IMPACT and Brimstone anti-tank system.

The Type-X is a robotic combat vehicle designed and built by Milrem Robotics. Unveiled in 2020, it is the second UGV to be manufactured by the company after its flagship product THeMIS. The vehicle is operated from a safe distance by a combination of augmented artificial intelligence (AI) and a remote system operator which means it considerably raises troop survivability and lowers lethality risks by increasing standoff distance from enemy units. It features a tracked design with armor protection which increases its cross-country performance and durability. The Type-X is designed to be highly modifiable and easily upgradable, meaning it can be fitted with either autocannon turrets up to 50mm, such as John Cockerill CPWS II or various other weapons systems, such as ATGMs, SAMs, radars, mortars etc.

THeMIS Observe Unmanned Ground Vehicle
THeMIS Observe Unmanned Ground Vehicle. (Photo by Milrem Robotics)

Milrem Robotics is the leading European robotics and autonomous systems developer and systems integrator, with more than 200 talented specialists working in offices in Estonia, Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands, and the US. The company is known for their THeMIS and Multiscope UGVs, the Type-X Robotic Combat Vehicle and the MIFIK autonomy kit. The company runs subsidiaries in the Netherlands, Finland, Sweden and the US. In February 2023 the EDGE group located in the UAE bought a majority share of the company giving the UAE access to knowledge about the European IMUGS (integrated modular ground system) and CUGS (combined unmanned ground system).

Clavister is a specialized European cybersecurity company, protecting complex digital businesses for more than two decades. Founded and headquartered in Sweden, Clavister pioneered one of the first firewalls and has been building robust and adaptive cybersecurity solutions ever since. Empowering a growing ecosystem of partners and resellers, the company has been serving customers in over 100 countries with more than 125,000 deployments across the public sector, service provider and defence sectors. (www.clavister.com)

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