Rostec Delivers New Batch of BMP-3 Infantry Fighting Vehicles to Russian Ministry of Defense
Rostec Delivers New Batch of BMP-3 Infantry Fighting Vehicles to Russian Ministry of Defense

Rostec Delivers New Batch of BMP-3 Infantry Fighting Vehicles to Russian Ministry of Defense

PJSC Kurganmashzavod, a subsidiary of the High-Precision Complexes holding company under Rostec, has recently delivered another substantial batch of BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicles to the Russian Ministry of Defense. This delivery includes a mix of new BMP-3 units and those that underwent comprehensive overhauls to ensure peak performance on the battlefield. The remarkable feat achieved by Kurganmashzavod stands out as, within the first eight months of this year, the facility, encompassing the Volgograd site, has surpassed the entire production output of 2022 by a staggering 120%. Kurganmashzavod also supplies them as separate components as part of the State Defense Order. Monthly shipments of completed specialized products underline the commitment of Kurganmashzavod to meet the requirements of the defense forces effectively. The modernized BMP-3 retains its status as the primary combat unit for infantry support, thanks to its formidable armament and enhanced protection capabilities.

One notable enhancement incorporated into each BMP-3 unit is the inclusion of additional protection kits, known as ADS (Armor Defense Systems). These kits comprise grilles and armored screens, and their production has surged, now reaching 30 times the levels of the previous year. Furthermore, apart from integrating these ADS into the production vehicles, the BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicle is set for a significant upgrade, including the installation of the UTD-32T turbocharged diesel engine and a panoramic sight for the commander’s sensor suite. Additionally, the armored vehicle will benefit from advanced communication systems and an array of additional protection measures. NPO High-Precision Complexes has outlined plans to equip the combat vehicle with new communication systems, enhancing its situational awareness and battlefield connectivity.

BMP-3 Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV)
BMP-3 Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV). (Photo by Rostec)

Igor Giske, the Executive Director of Kurganmashzavod PJSC, articulated the company’s dedication to ensuring the smooth execution of the state defense order. “In order for the implementation of the state defense order to be carried out rhythmically, we are building clear cooperation ties with component suppliers, carrying out technical re-equipment of production, improving the management structure, and recruiting personnel,” stated Giske. He added, “Designers, technologists, suppliers, controllers, production workers, military representatives – everyone, sparing no effort, works for the common result, for victory.”

The BMP-3 is a Soviet and Russian infantry fighting vehicle, successor to the BMP-1 and BMP-2. The abbreviation BMP stands for boevaya mashina pehoty (infantry combat vehicle). The BMP-3 is designed and produced by the Kurganmashzavod some variants however are built by the Rubtsovsk Machine Building Plant (RMZ).The BMP-3 is one of the most heavily armed infantry combat vehicles in service, original version of BMP-3 has a turret fitted with a low-velocity 2A70 100 mm rifled gun, which can fire conventional shells or 9M117 Bastion ATGMs (AT-10 Stabber). 40 100mm-rounds and 8 ATGMs are carried. A 2A72 30 mm dual feed autocannon with 500 (300 HEI and 200 APT) rounds and a rate of fire of 350 to 400 RPM, and a 7.62mm PKT machine gun with 2,000 rounds, all mounted coaxially in the turret. There are also two 7.62mm PKT bow machine guns, again with 2,000 rounds each. The older BMP-3 models were equipped with a 450 hp engine (UTD-29), but the majority of current BMP-3s are now powered by the more robust 500 hp UTD-29M version.

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