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SMARTSHOOTER Expands with New Australian Subsidiary

SMASH 2000L (3000) Fire Control System
SMASH 2000L (3000) Fire Control System

SMARTSHOOTER, a world-class designer, developer, and manufacturer of innovative fire control systems that significantly increase small arms’ accuracy and situational awareness, is thrilled to announce the establishment of its new Australian subsidiary, SMASH Australia?Pty Ltd. This strategic move marks another significant milestone in the company’s expansion efforts, building on its global footprint in Europe and the US, in addition to its headquarters in Israel. SMARTSHOOTER will present its SMASH fire control systems at the Army Robotics eXposition 2023 (ARX 23) at the Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre on 29 & 30 August. The company display will showcase SMASH Hopper as part of the QinetiQ Pty Ltd response to the Chief of Army Challenge.

“We are thrilled to announce the establishment of our new Australian subsidiary” said Michal Mor, CEO of SMARTSHOOTER. “This marks an exciting chapter in SMARTSHOOTER’s growth as a global leader in fire control systems. By being present in Australia, we are now better positioned to address the needs of our local customers and partners, and we look forward to fostering new collaborations within this region.”

The Director of SMASH Australia, Mr Lachlan Mercer, said, “The decision to establish a dedicated presence in Australia reflects SMARTSHOOTER’s commitment to enhancing their Australian Industry Content and contributing to Sovereign Industry Capability, all the while improving customer service and support in the region.”

SMASH HOPPER Remote Controlled Weapon Station (RCWS) using SMASH Fire Control
SMASH HOPPER Remote Controlled Weapon Station (RCWS) using SMASH Fire Control. (Photo by SMARTSHOOTER)

SMARTSHOOTER’s SMASH technology enhances every mission’s effectiveness through the ability to accurately engage and hit ground, aerial, and maritime surface targets, either static or moving, in both day and night operations. Utilising machine learning, computer vision, and advanced algorithms, the SMASH family of fire control systems include handheld-operated, remotely controlled, and UGV-mounted systems that ensure precise hit capabilities, enhance forces’ situational awareness, and reduce costs. Fielded and operationally deployed by friendly forces worldwide, including the IDF, the US special forces, the British Army, the Indian Navy, and forces in East Asia, the SMASH Family of Fire Control Systems enables the combatants to be smart, precise, and connected.

SMARTSOOTER is an independent technology company founded in 2011 located in northern Israel to develop cutting edge systems to increase the accuracy and lethality of small arms used by army and law enforcement professionals around the world. SMARTSHOOTER develops state-of-the-art Fire Control Systems for small arms that significantly increase weapon accuracy and lethality when engaging static and moving targets, on the ground and in the air, day and night. With proven “One Shot – One Hit” precision, our SMASH product line empowers defense and security forces by maximizing rifle effectiveness against enemy targets while minimizing friendly casualties and collateral damage. Based on Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision and Machine Learning technologies, SMASH is also designed to interconnect with other operational resources to form a micro-tactical network that delivers real-time situational awareness.

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