Spanish Army Special Forces Select Photonis 4G Image Intensifier Tubes

The Spanish Army Special Forces concluded a contract with NVLS (Night Vision Lasers Spain) at the end of last year for 450 sets of night vision binoculars using Photonis 4G image intensifier tubes. Delivery was effected prior to year-end. The service is an existing user of Photonis systems, having procured AN/PVS14 type monoculars under a multi-year contract signed in 2019. Light weight, tube longevity, the ability to see further in ever lower levels of light and an ultra-fast auto-gating function to prevent ‘whiteout’ are frequently cited as important selection criteria by customers.

“We are confident that more European soldiers will be able to carry out their night missions with the best equipment available on the market,” Photonis CEO, Jérôme Cerisier said.

 Photonis 4G Image Intensifier Tubes
Photonis 4G Image Intensifier Tubes

The Photonis 4G technology is suited to address the requirements of modern warfare. Photonis has the expertise and the knowledge to create cutting-edge image intensifier tubes that reveal the invisible and help you master the darkness. Photonis 4G bandwidth is twice larger than Gen III image intensifiers, collecting more photons in all operational conditions, and providing soldierswith the crucial tactical advantage of seeing 1100nm lasers target designator that no other image intensifier can detect. The 4G technology is perfectly suited to the stringent requirements of night combat operations and has become the benchmark in all major European Army programmes.

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