General Dynamics European Land Systems Reveals DURO-e 4x4 All-Electric All-Terrain Vehicle
General Dynamics European Land Systems Reveals DURO-e 4x4 All-Electric All-Terrain Vehicle

General Dynamics European Land Systems Reveals DURO-e 4×4 All-Electric All-Terrain Vehicle

The DURO-e 4×4 presented for the first time at EUROSATORY 2022 and includes all new basic technologies that may be demanded by customers in the near future. GDELS decided in cooperation with MAGNA – Engineering Center Steyr and Phi-Power to select this Swiss icon of an all-terrain vehicle to insert newest technologies like hybridization, electrification, on-board power generation and drive technologies needed for MUM-T capabilities with automated/autonomous operation features. The DURO is a highly mobile all-terrain military tactical vehicle and for years the “workinghorse” of the Swiss Army. The name DURO stands for DUrable and RObust. Even in the most difficult terrain, the DURO drives safely and reliably in every situation. With its uniquely designed modular construction, the DURO can be modified in many configurations to accommodate a wide range of applications in a single vehicle from troop transporter, command and control, logistics to ambulance vehicle.

DURO-e 4×4 All-Electric All-Terrain Vehicle main features and operational advantages:
Digital vehicle architecture according to NGVA standard;
Variable powertrain, starting with a state-of-the-art diesel engine from EURO 3 up to EURO 6, a pure electric powertrain in battery electric or fuel cell electric version;
Silent drive, boost and extended silent watch capabilities;
CO2 neutral and economic operation for daily military services;
Low heat and noise signature;
High energy efficiency and self-sufficient energy supply.


The DURO is a modular platform concept for a family of 4×4 and 6×6 vehicles. It is a well-protected (in the armored version), highly-mobile, off-road tactical transport vehicle based on the proven De-Dion axle, one that was specially developed for military applications. The DURO was deployed in Afghanistan and is a highly mobile and versatile platform for all kinds of application. The DURO family provides payload capacities from 3.5 tons to 6.5 tons and offers a large load capacity with the different function modules. These include NBC, Reconnaissance, Ambulance and Armored Personnel Carrier. Depending on the mission role, 4×4 and 6×6 versions are available in a chassis/cab configuration only, or with the function module. The cabin is available in armored or non-armored configurations.

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