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General Dynamics European Land Systems Presents PANDUR 6×6 Evo with AKERON MP Missiles


General Dynamics European Land Systems Presents PANDUR 6×6 Evo with AKERON MP Missiles

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General Dynamics European Land Systems Presents PANDUR 6x6 Evo with AKERON MP
General Dynamics European Land Systems Presents PANDUR 6x6 Evo with AKERON MP

General Dynamics European Land Systems (GDELS) is presenting its latest military vehicle technology at EUROSATORY 2022. The PANDUR 6×6 EVO, selected by the Austrian Army, is the latest member of the PANDUR wheeled armored vehicle family. The multi-role PANDUR EVO provides high survivability and crew protection against ballistic, mine, IED blast and fragmentation threats. Key characteristics of the 6×6 vehicle are its superior mobility and its compact design combined with unmatched internal space and payload potential. The vehicle fits into a C-130 transport aircraft while accommodating a crew of up to 11 soldiers. It is powered by an enhanced mission proven diesel engine with over 25kw/t and 1600 Nm of torque. The 2-stage transfer gear, shiftable on the move including an automatic drivetrain management enables advanced drivability in all types of military missions.

The PANDUR 6×6 Evo with MBDA’s integrated IMPACT (Integrated Precision Attack Combat Turret) turret and AKERON MP responds to latest battlefield requirements in terms of firing from confined spaces, “fire-and-forget” and self-guidance with a “man-in-the-loop” capability. IMPACT is a twin launcher gyro-stabilized remote control station, with FN 7,62mm machine gun developed for equipping light armored vehicles with AKERON MP. AKERON MP missile system is designed for dismounted infantry as well as for integration on combat vehicles with a range over 4000m. It has a multi-purpose warhead with a selectable choice of anti-armor or anti-infrastructure modes. Network-enabled AKERON MP also receives third party target designation for indirect fire scenarios. The Akeron MP formerly known as Missile Moyenne Portée (MMP), is a French fifth generation, network-enabled, anti-tank guided missile system.

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Austrian Army PANDUR 6x6 EvolutionAustrian Army Pandur Evo 6×6 wheeled armoured vehicle

The Pandur II is an improved modular all-wheel-drive version of the Pandur 6×6 APC wheeled armoured vehicle. It was developed as a private venture by the Austrian company Steyr-Daimler-Puch Spezialfahrzeuge. Steyr-Daimler-Puch Spezialfahrzeuge is part of General Dynamics European Land Combat Systems, which is also the parent company of MOWAG of Switzerland and Santa Bárbara Sistemas of Spain. The Pandur II is an armoured off-road vehicle (APC) intended for military use. It is available in two versions, a 6×6 and an 8×8 version; both versions are designed to be as offroad capable as possible whilst providing sophisticated protection for their occupants, which also includes protection against mines.

The Austrian Ministry of Defense awarded a contract on October 30, 2020 to General Dynamics European Land Systems-Steyr for the delivery of 34 PANDUR 6×6 Evolution (Evo) wheeled armored vehicles. The new vehicles are designed as armored personnel carriers (APCs) and can be quickly converted into other roles such as CASEVAC (casualty evacuation) due to their modular design. In addition to the 34 vehicles purchased in 2016 and based in the center of excellence at the JÃgerbataillon 17 in Styria, the Austrian Armed Forces will operate a fleet of 64 new PANDUR 6×6 Evo. Deliveries will be made in 2022 and 2023.

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