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Patria Presents Autonomous Capabilities at European Land Robot Trial (ELROB) 2024


Patria Presents Autonomous Capabilities at European Land Robot Trial (ELROB) 2024

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Patria Presents Autonomous Capabilities at European Land Robot Trial (ELROB) 2024
Patria Presents Autonomous Capabilities at European Land Robot Trial (ELROB) 2024

The European Land Robot Trial (ELROB) is Europe’s toughest & longest-running field robotics and unmanned systems event. This year the event is held in Trier, Germany on 24th-28th of June 2024. At the event Patria will showcase the autonomous capabilities of Patria 6×6 and Patria AMV XP 8×8 armoured wheeled vehicles. At ELROB Patria will also showcase eALLIANCE programme, which will integrate disruptive digital solutions across civil, security and defence technologies for ensuring more secure societies. The eALLIANCE ecosystem will bring together companies in developing innovative digital solutions for defence and dual-use applications.

Patria AMV XP 8×8 is state of the art, modular and robust armoured wheeled vehicle providing superior fire power, protection and mobility. Patria AMV XP 8×8 is available in two different hull lengths and heights. The vehicle is also available with amphibious capability. This makes AMV XP 8×8 the ideal platform for various missions and variants, such as Infantry Fighting Vehicle, Armoured Personnel Carrier, Command and Control, Ambulance Vehicle, Recovery Vehicle and 120 mm NEMO mortar system. Patria 6×6 vehicle is modular and high-performance, while simple, robust and affordable to provide protected tactical troop transport capability in larger fleet quantities. It provides modern protection capability and high mobility.

Patria 6×6’s modular design allows a wide variety of specific configurations for diverse missions, such as Armoured Personnel Carrier, Company Command vehicle, Medical Evacuation vehicle, Heavy APC and 120 mm Patria Nemo mortar system. With 6×6 Patria provides ultimate security of supply via technology transfer program, local manufacturing concept, and through-life support together with local partners. Patria 6×6 vehicle is the selected platform for the multinational CAVS programme currently joined by Finland, Latvia, Sweden and Germany. Patria 6×6 deliveries are ongoing to Latvia, Finland and Sweden, and vehicles are in operational use. Patria has already received orders for nearly 700 Patria 6×6 vehicles. The programme is open to European countries.

Patria is an international provider of defence, security and aviation life cycle support services, technology solutions and pilot training. Patria provides its aerospace and military customers with equipment availability, continuous performance development as well as selected intelligence, surveillance and management system products and services. Patria’s mission is to give its customers confidence in all conditions, and the vision is to be the #1 partner for critical operations on land, sea and air. Patria has several locations including Finland, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, the Netherlands, Estonia, Latvia and Spain. Patria employs over 3,000 professionals. Patria is owned by the State of Finland (50.1%) and Norwegian Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace AS (49.9%). Patria owns 50% of Nammo, and together these three companies form a leading Nordic defence partnership.

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