Rocketsan Delivers TRG-300 Kaplan Multiple Launch Rocket System to Bangladesh Army
Rocketsan Delivers TRG-300 Kaplan Multiple Launch Rocket System to Bangladesh Army

Rocketsan Delivers TRG-300 Kaplan Multiple Launch Rocket System to Bangladesh Army

Bangladesh Army received TRG-300 KAPLAN multiple launch rocket system developed by ROKETSAN. In March 2019, Turkish ROKETSAN secured a contract to supply a regiment of medium-range guided multiple rocket launchers to Bangladesh. With the delivery, the firepower of the Bangladesh Army’s Artillery Regiment was enhanced a bit with the TRG-300 KAPLAN multiple launch rocket system with a range of 120 km. According to information published by the Bangladesh Defence Analyst, ROKETSAN met the tactical firepower requirements of the Bangladesh army with the missile system it exported.

The Kaplan is a Turkish multiple launch rocket system manufactured by the ROKETSAN corporation. The system has four 300 mm rocket launcher tubes and its rockets can hit a maximum range of 120 km. TRG-300 Missile provides accurate and effective fire power on high priority targets within the ranges 120 km. The TRG-300 Tiger MBRL is based on Chinese WS-1B (Wei Shi; Guardian), with some modifications on the design with launcher very similar to the WS-1B’s launcher. The TRG-300 Kaplan MBRLS consists of two key parts: The launcher system (T-300) and the rocket, TRG-300.

Turkey's Kaplan TRG-300 Missile
Turkey’s Kaplan TRG-300 multiple launch rocket system

The TRG-300 delivered to the Bangladesh army is built on KAMAZ 63502 series 6×6 military truck chassis manufactured under license by Turkish Rocketsan. The truck is powered by a KamAZ-740.632-400 four-stroke V8 diesel engine coupled to a manual transmission ZF 16S1820 with an eight-speed gearbox. It can reach a maximum road speed of 90 km/h. The launcher unit is mounted at the rear of the truck chassis and has four launcher tubes. The launcher vehicle’s cabin windows are provided with shutters which are lowered before the rockets are launched.

The TRG-300 missile is available in two versions, the Block 1 which has a weight of 585 kg and can be fired with a range from 30 to 120 km. It has HE (High Explosive + Steel Ball) warhead weightings 105 kg. The Block II missile is an enhanced version with a warhead of 190 kg. The Block II rocket has a range from 20 to 90 km. For both variants, the guidance system includes a Global Positioning System and Global Navigation Satellite System Aided Inertial Navigation System with an accuracy of around 10 m.

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