Terma SCANTER 6002 Radar Selected for Future Indonesian Navy Hospital Assistance Ship

Terma was recently awarded a contract to supply a SCANTER 6002 radar for the latest Indonesian Navy’s Hospital Assistance Ship (Bantu Rumah Sakit, BRS). The radar delivery is planned for June 2021. The award follows a previous contract signed in 2019 to supply a similar radar for the BRS “Wahidin Soedirohusodo”, delivered in January 2021. The SCANTER 6002 is a surveillance radar with unparalleled helicopter landing control capabilities, which perfectly suits the missions carried out by the Hospital Ships.

The Indonesian Navy’s Hospital Assistance Ship built in Surabaya by the Indonesian state-owned shipyard PT PAL is 124 meters long, 21.8 meters wide, and able to host more than 600 people including crew, troops, and patients. The ship is based on the existing Makassar-class of Landing Platform Dock (LPD). It has a maximum speed of 18 knots, cruising speed of 14 knots and economic speed of 12 knots. The ship can accommodate medical personnel to carry-out operational missions equivalent to those of a regular hospital with polyclinic facilities, emergency rooms, a radiology unit, and more.

 Indonesian Navy Hospital Assistance Ship
Indonesian Navy Hospital Assistance Ship

Indonesia being prone to natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and tsunamis, assets such as the Hospital Ships are paramount to promptly ensure rescue and evacuation missions when needed. For this specific capability, each Hospital Ship is equipped with two helicopter landing spots, ensuring that the personnel, as well as the patients, can be readily and safely moved to and from the vessel. Mobility for carrying out medical evacuation missions is also supported by the ability to transport medical helicopters, ambulance boats and LCVPs.

Throughout the years, Terma has supplied numerous mission critical solutions in Indonesia, for all theatres of operations (air, land and sea). The main customers include the Indonesian Navy and Air Force, the Indonesian Coast Guards (Bakamla) and Sea and Coast Guard (KPLP), the Directorate General of Sea Transportation (DGST), and Jakarta Soekarno–Hatta International Airport. In January 2019, Terma was awarded a major contract for the supply of complete C-Series Combat suites for four KCR-60 Fast Attack Craft also including SCANTER surveillance radars.

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