Indian Company BEML Unveils MMME MK-II Mechanical Minefield Marking Equipment

Indian Ministry of Defence (MoD) public sector undertaking company BEML has rolled out the first prototype of mechanical minefield marking equipment (MMME) Mk-II designed for use by the Indian Army. The MMME Mk-II prototype built on BEML TATRA 6×6 vehicle has been developed through Technology of Transfer (ToT) from Research & Development Establishment Engineers (R&DE Engineers) of the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO). The Indian Ministry of Defence is expected to place orders for over 55 systems following successful evaluation trials.

MK-II is designed for marking/fencing the minefields at a faster rate, semi-automatically with minimal human interaction. The equipment has a minimum marking/fencing rate of 1.2km/hour with 15m inter-picket spacing. It can also place the pickets at 10m-35m spacing in a 5m step.the system can drive the picket to a maximum 450mm depth. It can store 500 pickets and polypropylene rope of length 15km. MMME Mk-II system is designed to operate in the plains of Punjab, as well as semi-desert and desert of Rajasthan, and in all kinds of weather conditions.

BEML Mechanical Minefield Marking Equipment MK-II
BEML Mechanical Minefield Marking Equipment MK-II

Electrical sub-system includes Power Pack, Power Distribution Unit (PDU), linear motor, lights, fans etc. Hammering of the Picket to drive it in to the ground is done through linear motor. When hammer is not in operation it is rested on a hammer stopper. This stopper is actuated by an electrical actuator. Power requirement of the ‘system’ is met through a DG-set. To meet the different power needs of the ‘system’ there is a power distribution unit which takes the input from DG-set & conditions it to as per the requirement.

Electronics sub-systems includes Auto/Manual panel, main and field junction box, Distance Measuring Device (DMD), Driver’s display panel, linear motor controller and sensors. Electronic controls have been used mainly for automatic operation of the electrical & pneumatic linear actuators. All these sub systems are integrated within a box type container which is welded to platform. Platform is secured to the vehicle chassis with the help of U bolts.

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