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IMCO Group Major Awarded Contract for Israel Defense Forces Armored Vehicle Systems


IMCO Group Major Awarded Contract for Israel Defense Forces Armored Vehicle Systems

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IMCO Group Sub-Systems for Israel Defense Forces Eitan 8×8 Armoured Fighting Vehicles
Eitan 8×8 Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs)

IMCO Group, an Israeli company specializing in the planning, development, manufacturing, and marketing of a diverse array of products in electricity, electro-mechanics, electronics, electro-optics, and mechanics, announces a multi-year framework agreement with the Israeli Ministry of Defense (MOD) valued at an estimated 377 million NIS. Under this agreement, the company will manufacture and supply electrical systems and subsystems, including advanced video management systems, power management systems, and harnesses, for armored fighting vehicles, including Merkava main battle tank, Namer and Eitan armored personnel carriers. The delivery period for this agreement spans from 2024 to 2030. This new agreement, described by the Ministry of Defense as the largest contract signed with IMCO Group, will enable the group to supply state-of-the-art, combat-proven systems to those main battle tanks and armored personnel carriers.

Replacing a previous agreement from 2020, this multi-year framework expands the scope beyond the current agreement. IMCO Group is expected to complete the production and supply of products under the existing agreement during 2024-2025 while simultaneously commencing manufacturing and supply under the new agreement’s terms. As of the first quarter of 2024, IMCO Group’s total order backlog stands at approximately 350 million NIS. The new agreement is expected to more than double the group’s order backlog to a total of approximately 725 million NIS. The production and supply of the systems will be carried out by various companies within the Group, including Nir Or, IMCO Projects, and ADTI in the USA.

The “Barak” equipped with advanced sensors and AI processing, the future tank will further strengthen IDF readiness and capabilities.
Merkava Mark 4 Barak main battle tank. (Photo by IDF)

The Merkava (Chariot) is a series of main battle tanks used by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and the backbone of the IDF’s Armored Corps. The tank was developed in the Merkava and Armored Combat Vehicles Division of the Israeli Ministry of Defense, and most of its parts are manufactured in Israel. Current iterations of this tank are considered broadly equivalent to the capabilities of the M1 Abrams, Leopard 2 and the Challenger 2. Namer (Leopard) is an Israeli armoured personnel carrier based on a Merkava Mark IV tank chassis. Namer was developed by and is being assembled by the Israeli Ordnance Corps. Eitan (Steadfast) is an armoured fighting vehicle (AFV) developed by the Merkava and Armoured Vehicles Directorate in the IMOD to replace the ageing M113 armoured personnel carrier in use by the Israel Defense Forces.

With 45 years of experience creating electronic solutions for high-end military customers, across all defense categories, IMCO Group has supported the defense industry through its most transformative decades. A leading integrator and turnkey provider of advanced electromechanical and electrical solutions, IMCO Group leverages the unique advantages of each of its daughter companies to offer cutting-edge engineering, military and medical-grade manufacturing, and FMF services to high-end military customers and industry leaders. Founded and led by military veterans, today IMCO Group has an established network of contacts, unmatched knowledge base, wide range of capabilities, and flexible services and business models, allowing it to offer precise solutions for any requirement.

Namer heavy armoured personnel carrier
Namer heavy armoured personnel carrier. (Photo by IDF)

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