Remdizel Develops New Variants of Taifun-K Mine-Resistant Ambush-Protected

Russian automotive company JSC Remdizel is expanding its family of Taifun-K mine-resistant ambush-protected (MRAP) vehicles. As of 2021, the company produce nine variants of the Taifun-K, including those for export, and more than ten modifications are completing their tests. The enterprise tests four variants (including armed ones) of K-53949 Taifun-K 4×4 vehicles, some modifications of the K-63968 6×6 system, and the K-4386 Taifun-VDV 4×4 protected vehicle with a combat station armed with a 30mm cannon. The family of Taifun-K 6×6 MRAP vehicles сomprises only one platform, namely, the baseline K-63969 Taifun-K system. Some foreign-made armament suites and subsystems can be integrated into the Taifun-K-family vehicles at the customer’s request. The first armoured vehicle of Remdizel — the K-43269 Vystrel 4×4 protected platform — is also in high demand.

Typhoon K-4386
Typhoon K-4386 mine-resistant ambush-protected (MRAP) vehicles (Photo by JSC Remdizel)

Typhoon is a Russian family of Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) armored vehicles in service since 2014. Around 120 Russian companies including KamAZ, Gaz-Group, and Bauman University, etc. are taking part in Typhoon program. There are two primary manufacturers: Kamaz and Ural. The main aim of the program is to design a fundamentally new unified platform for all Russian armored wheeled vehicles. The Typhoon family of armored vehicles is intended for the troop transport (armoured personnel carrier) role, and through the installation of various special equipment or weapon modules allows its use in specialized roles such as self propelled anti-aircraft artillery, unmanned aerial vehicles carriers, cranes, tow trucks and others. The first armored vehicles were shown in 2011.

Typhoon K-53949
Typhoon K-53949 mine-resistant ambush-protected (MRAP) vehicles (Photo by JSC Remdizel)

All Typhoon variants use the same family of engines (JMZ-536), information and management system, mine protection and suspension. Mine protection is provided by a V-shaped bottom, energy absorbing seats and explosion corresponds to 3b in accordance with STANAG 4569 (explosive device up to 8 kg of TNT). All utilize composite body armor (ceramic and steel), as well as provide bulletproof round protection on the fourth level of the standard STANAG 4569 (14.5 mm armor-piercing bullets B-32). All armored personnel carrier variants can have installed a remotely controlled machine-gun unit. In the vehicle roof are hatches for emergency evacuation of personnel in case of a rollover. All vehicles are available in two, three or four axle versions.

Typhoon K-63969
Typhoon K-63969 mine-resistant ambush-protected (MRAP) vehicles (Photo by JSC Remdizel)

JSC Remdizel (RD) was established in 1978. This is the largest specialized enterprise in Russia that provides the RF Ministry of Defense with specialpurpose vehicles over the whole life cycle: R&D, manufacturing, technical supervision during operation, overhaul, recycling of wheeled and tracked vehicles. RD produces vehicles of the Typhoon and Vystrel family, and also works on creating special-purpose vehicle prototypes for the Tornado project. Since 2009, RD is the only contractor for the RF Ministry of Defense covering the whole life cycle of KAMAZ, MZKT, MT-LB and a number of models on their basis. Initially, Remdizel only maintain those vehicles; then, the enterprise decided to upgrade it. The updated vehicle, which is designated MT-LB 2.0,

Typhoon K-63968
Typhoon K-63968 mine-resistant ambush-protected (MRAP) vehicles (Photo by JSC Remdizel)

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