Swathi Weapon Locating Radar (WLR)
Swathi Weapon Locating Radar (WLR)

Armenia Acquires Indian Swathi Weapon Locating Radars

Armenia has recently acquired Four Indian Swathi Weapon Locating Radars for USD40 million to enhance its counter-rocket, artillery and mortar (C-RAM) and counter-battery fire capabilities. The weapon locating radar were selected over competing systems from Poland and Russia following trials in 2018–19. The Swathi is similar to the AN/TPQ-37 radar in design and performance but is reportedly more user friendly. It is a passive electronically scanned array radar, derived from the Rajendra Radar (which is the fire control radar for the Akash missile system). This Wadar is cureently used by Indian Army at LoC in Jammu & Kashmir. The main work of this system to trace the source of attack by Pakistani positions.

The Swathi Weapon Locating Radar (WLR) is a mobile artillery-locating phased array radar developed the government-run Defence Research and Development Organisation and manufactured by state-owned Bharat Electronics. In service with the Indian Army since March 2017, the passive electronically scanned array weapon locating radar has a 360° scan capability to detect and track incoming heavy artillery rounds up to a range of 30 km and rockets up to 40 km. The system is capable of adjusting the fire of its own artillery weapon. The weapon includes 81mm or higher caliber mortars, 105mm or higher caliber shells and 120mm or higher caliber free flying rockets.


The Radar is designed to operate in harsh environments ranging from -20 to +55°C, in hot and humid conditions, and can be safely stored from -40 to +70°C. It can operate at high altitudes up to 16,000 feet (4,900 m). Shock & vibration performance and resistance to EMI/EMC are according to international military standards. The Swathi is designed to operate in a high-density fire environment and has all weather capability, high mobility and quick reaction time. The Weapon Locating Radar is designed for quick deployment and decamp, and can be ready for action within 30 minutes. The WLR is configured on a wheeled Tatra 8×8 truck platform. The trucks are manufactured by BEML in India under license.

Swathi Weapon Locating Radar (WLR)
Weapon Locating Radar (Swathi) passes through the Rajpath during the full dress rehearsal for the Republic Day Parade-2018, in New Delhi on January 23, 2018.

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