SA-10U Command Vehicle

SA-10U Command Vehicle

SA-10U is a special vehicle that ensures a secure communication within a unit at the operational and tactical level. Improving troop command and control is one of the tasks of Kyiv enterprise NTK “Impulse”, which continues serial production of SA-10U command and staff vehicles currently used for ensuring communication and coordination of units by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It is completely protected from enemy electronic warfare means, uses various communication channels, including satellite communications. The SA-10U developers paid special attention to digital equipment by developing and implementing special software that ensures transmission of protected information between units in field conditions and in conditions of active enemy countermeasures.

SA-10U Command Vehicle

SA-10U Command Vehicle

Reliable troop command and control, which is achieved via navigation and communications facilities is crucial for effective combat operations. According to NATO standards, the coordination of all units and receipt of operational up-to-date information on allies and targets are the cornerstones of modern military operations. One such element is satellite navigation means which are being developed and mass-produced by “Orizon Navigation”. The products of this state-owned enterprise are installed on all planes, ships, tanks and other armored vehicles, and are also included in the serviceman’s personal protection system. In 2018, the enterprise supplied more than 500 such systems and facilities.
SA-10U Command Vehicle

SA-10U Command Vehicle

The SA-10U, which is completely protected from the enemy means of electronic warfare, uses a variety of communication channels, including satellite. The product has passed all interdepartmental tests and, since 2016, has been accepted for service by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and can also be used by other military formations and security agencies of the state. Three-fourths of SA-10U components were developed and manufactured by “Impulse”, while the rest of components were manufactured by EU member states and other countries, leaders in modern technology.


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