Hesco RAID

Hesco RAID

Hesco RAID is the result of 15 years of design and engineering, to reinvent a significant life-saving product used by the military, to save even more. Halving transportation requirements, minimizing the manpower needed to successfully deploy, and providing cover at a speed never seen before. RAID raises personnel protection to a new level, facing the evolving changes of overseas conflict, border security, and perimeter protection, head-on.

Hesco RAID

Hesco RAID

The Rapid in-theatre Deployment (RAID) has a purposely designed release mechanism so pre-joined standard or recoverable MIL units can be quickly deployed. RAID can curve and easily form corners in your defensive barriers so you can completely protect your perimeter. Some or all of the container can be dispensed in one continuous stream. For the units that you don’t deploy, simply lock the container and it will be secure. Additional units can be joined to create vast boundary walls with controlled entry points, to ensure you have complete protection.
Hesco RAID

Hesco RAID

RAID reduces the logistical burden of protecting expeditionary operations. Preparation is easy, RAID doesn’t require foundations or concrete and can be securely surface-mounted. There are no pallets and no plastic wrapping which means no waste to clean up.RAID requires 50% less road traffic to deliver. The specially designed and engineered ISO containers conform to ISO stacking and transportation standards. This makes RAID quicker and easier to transport.


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