CNIM LCA Landing Craft Assault

CNIM designs innovative landing crafts for amphibious operations, naval operations and maritime security missions. CNIM also proposes turnkey local partnerships for manufacturing, while guaranteeing landing crafts’ performances. LCA Landing Craft Assault: Operational support for Ground Forces. Operated from any type of amphibious ship, NATO or Makassar class, the LCA is designed to efficiently transfer equipment and troops ashore. Robust, reliable, with excellent mobility and maneuverability, the LCA lands and reembarks Ground Forces in record time during amphibious assault operations.

CNIM LCA Landing Craft Assault

CNIM LCA Landing Craft Assault

CNIM is a French equipment manufacturer and industrial contractor operating on a worldwide basis.The Group supplies products and services to major public and private sector organizations, local authorities and national governments in the Environment, Energy, Defense, and High technology markets. Founded in 1856, CNIM is a medium-sized company. CNIM is listed on the Euronext exchange in Paris. It relies on a stable family-based majority shareholding structure committed to its development. The Group is headed by Nicolas Dmitrieff, Chairman of the Management Board.
CNIM LCA Landing Craft Assault

CNIM LCA Landing Craft Assault


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