Kaplan 10 - ATV

FNSS Kaplan 10 – ATV Anti-Tank Vehicle

The FNSS Kaplan 10 – ATV is a new generation armored fighting vehicle that has the ability to move together with main battle tanks, taking a 21 Hp/ton power-to-weight ratio, taking into account the weight of the communication system and the automatic transmission. Developed by FNSS to meet the requirements of Turkish Land Forces Command, the KAPLAN-10 ATV is a medium weight amphibious Anti-Tank Vehicle with superior ballistic and mine protection. Kaplan 10 – ATV has a low silhouette, and with its twin 5 road wheeled tracks, has the ability operate in hot/cold weather conditions at high speed not only on asphalt and stabilized highways, but also soft soil, and rough terrain. The advanced suspension track system is designed to reduce vibrations and improve road holding. Access to the vehicle is gained through a personnel door on the ramp or the hydraulic ramp located at the rear of the vehicle. The maintenance and repair of the power pack is carried out via the cabin access hatch and hatches that are at the front of the vehicle. For balance, the two fuel tanks are located at the rear and are fully-armored and isolated from the vehicle to ensure the security of personnel.

FNSS Kaplan 10 - ATV Anti-Tank Vehicle

FNSS Kaplan 10 – ATV Anti-Tank Vehicle

The FNSS Kaplan 10 – ATV is one of the very few vehicles to have amphibious characteristics. Thanks to the two water propulsion systems located at the rear of the vehicle, Kaplan 10 – ATV can perform in deep and fast flowing waters. In addition to this, the driver is able to enter the water without prior preparation. The hull of KAPLAN-10 is manufactured and integrated using a ballistic welding technique. The hull is water resistant, together with the hatches, and the lids are water-proofed via seals. While the power pack cabin and the expanded driver area is located at the front of the vehicle, the gunner and the commander areas are located in the middle of the vehicle. The rear part includes the gunner’s aid and additional crew sections. There are also laser-protected glass periscopes that allow the driver to see outside with a wide field of view providing high situational awareness. Integrated night vision systems are standard in all variants.
FNSS Kaplan 10 - ATV Anti-Tank Vehicle

FNSS Kaplan 10 – ATV Anti-Tank Vehicle

The FNSS Anti-Tank Remote Controlled Turret (ARCT), can be integrated on wheeled and tracked armored vehicles. The turret is offered in two configurations with respect to the use of anti-tank guided missiles. Thanks to the AntiTank Remote Controlled Tower, the gunner can perform surveillance, target detection, identification, recognition, lock-on and missile guidance functions through the control console under ballistic protection in the vehicle. ARCT system ensures that the Kornet and Mizrak missiles can be effectively used on the armored carrier platform within their maximum effective range. With its modular architecture, it enables the easy integration of different anti-tank missiles. Unlike conventional gun turrets, remote control turrets do not require a basket structure. Consequently, more interior space is available in the vehicle
FNSS Kaplan 10 - ATV Anti-Tank Vehicle

FNSS Kaplan 10 – ATV Anti-Tank Vehicle

The secondary armament’s functions, such as re-arming, firing, electrical extraction of empty cartridges are performed automatically from inside the vehicle. The turret drive system is electrical with two axis stabilization capability to ensure a high accuracy of fire on the move. The turret can rotate around traverse axis 360 degrees continuously and +-25 degrees around elevation axis Thanks to its two-axes stabilized sight system which consists of thermal imager, TV camera and laser range finder, the Anti-Tank Remote Controlled Turret has an advanced fire control ability. The system can generate a ballistic solution for moving targets and ensures a more effective ammunition utilization.
FNSS Kaplan 10 - ATV Anti-Tank Vehicle

FNSS Kaplan 10 – ATV Anti-Tan[youtube k Vehicle


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