Mungo ESK Air-Transportable Armoured Vehicle
Mungo ESK Air-Transportable Armoured Vehicle

Mungo ESK Air-Transportable Armoured Vehicle

The Mungo ESK (Einsatzfahrzeug Spezialisierte Kräfte) is an air-transportable, armoured multirole transport vehicle of the German Army for its Airmobile Operations Division and Division Special Operations. The Mungo is based on the Multicar M30/FUMO and is produced by Krauss-Maffei Wegmann. Delivery of 396 Mungos to the German Army began in 2005. With a gross weight of only 5,3 tonnes, the MUNGO can transport up to ten fully equipped soldiers. The MUNGO is the ideal solution for deploying air-transportable forces in crisis situations. The vehicle can be both disarmed for loading on a CH53 or CH47 transport helicopter as well as re-armed for deployment in only five minutes. In the transport airplanes of the type C130 and A400M two or even three MUNGO vehicles can be transported together with their crew.

MUNGO Group vehicle

The multipurpose version of the MUNGO, with its universal hydraulic transport system, is especially suited for the mission specific transport of munitions and equipment for tanks, repair shops or NBC decontamination. A quick-change system for front-mounted equipment enables the deployment as a pioneer vehicle. The MUNGO Multipurpose Vehicle has a payload of up to 1,5 tonnes and can transport further supply goods or mission kits by trailer. Furthermore, the vehicle is excellently protected against ballistic threats and mines. Its armored undercarriage, which is detached from the chassis, together with the armored driver cab ensures maximum protection for the two-man crew.
MUNGO Multipurpose Vehicle

In the N/C Reconnaissance version of the MUNGO, the armored vehicle has a three-man crew (commander, driver, “Spürer”). From within the large and completely protected continuous safety cell, the crew can detect and identify threats from nuclear or chemical warfare agents, as well as similar industrial hazardous materials, with the use of a light N/C reconnaissance kit. To perform these tasks the crew does not need to leave the vehicle. Due to its compact vehicle dimensions and its low gross weight, the MUNGO N/C Reconnaissance is air-transportable by, amongst others, a CH53 transport helicopter. In transport aircraft of the types C130, C160 and A400M up to three vehicles can be transported simultaneously.
Mungo N/C Recce

In the versions of the MUNGO Large Capacity, the vehicle is equipped with a continuous and armored large-capacity cabin. The useable volume can be as large as 8 cubic meters. The MUNGO Large Capacity Vehicle is air-transportable in a CH53 transport helicopter, despite its larger exterior dimensions and higher weight. Therefore, it is especially suitable for deployment with the airborne forces. Performance characteristics of the MUNGO Large Capacity Vehicle:

  • Transportable as an internal load on board the CH 53 and CH 47 helicopters
  • Up to 3 vehicles simultaneously transportable in a C130, C160 and A400M
  • Versions: Command and Communications, N/C-Reconnaissance or Field Ambulance.
  • Protection against ballistic threats (Level 2), explosive devices and mines
MUNGO Large Capacity Vehicle