Kamov Ка-62 Multi-role Helicopter

Kamov Ка-62 Multi-role Helicopter

The Kamov Ка-62 is A civil version of the Kamov Ka-60 medium developed at Kamov Design Bureau. The Ka-60 Kasatka (Killer whale) is to be used for aerial reconnaissance, for transporting air-assault forces, radio-electronic jamming, for special-operations missions and for various light-transport missions. The new medium multirole Ka-62 helicopter incorporates the latest technologies and materials in aircraft building. It meets Russian and international flight standards (Russia’s AP-29, Europe’s CS-29 and JAR-OPS3), offshore operational requirements, international standards for reliability, resource use, flight safety, comfort, usability, service life and repair.

The Ka-62 is fitted with two Ardiden 3G 1,680 h.p. engines made by SAFRAN HE. Their modular design and dual-channel FADEC system ensures high reliability, heightened ease of operation, and low fuel use. The helicopter is also equipped with a glass cockpit developed by the Russian company Transas. The Ka-62 is built to a single-rotor design with a multi-blade anti-torque rotor ducted into the vertical tail fin. It has a five-bladed main rotor, enclosed tail rotor, secondary hydraulics circuit, heavy-duty wheeled landing gear, strengthened fuselage and mounting attachments for major components, as well as shock-absorbent seats for passengers and crew. The airframe and propeller blades will be over 50% made of polymeric composite materials.

The Ka-62 is designed for cargo transportation, medevac and search and rescue operations, and can also be used in the oil and gas sector and for corporate purposes. It operates in temperatures down to –35°С without any need to heat the transmission assemblies and engines;
The Ka-62 can fly in adverse weather conditions, and into known icing conditions. The helicopter can be operated from an airbase, oil platform and unprepared ground areas. The Ka-62 is capable of autonomous deployment and does not need to be stored in a hangar.

Kamov Ка-62 Multi-role Helicopter

Kamov Ка-62 Multi-role Helicopter


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