Rheinmetall Boxer with Lance turret

Rheinmetall Boxer with Lance turret

The Rheinmetall MTS Lance is a medium-caliber, modular turret system (MTS) designed for integration into many medium and heavy wheeled and tracked chassis platforms. This two-man, commander and gunner, turret can be equipped with independent observation (commander) and sight (gunner) systems. The degree of protection (comprehensive protection in accordance with STANAG 4569 is standard) and the number of crew (two-man or unmanned with fully remote control) is entirely up to the customer. The company’s electro-optical SEOSS Sector and SEOSS Panoramic sights provide both commander and gunner with a 360° view.

Rheinmetall Boxer with Lance turret

Rheinmetall Boxer with Lance turret

Its main armament is normally a Rheinmetall Mauser MK30-2 air bursting munition (ABM) dual-feed stabilised cannon 30mm auto-cannon capable of firing programmable ammunition and 7.62mm coaxial machine gun., though similar weapons of this type may also be used. Up to 200 rounds of two different types of ammunition can be loaded without leaving the safety of the fighting compartment. A 7.62 x 51mm or .50 cal. machinegun serves as secondary armament. An anti-tank missiles launchers to engage armored targets at longer ranges are also available for the Lance turret. Lance was build to keep the enemy at distance.
Rheinmetall Boxer with Lance turret

Rheinmetall Boxer with Lance turret

The Lance turret system also comes with a 66mm or 76mm smoke/obscurant grenade launcher. Potential add-ons include a laser warning system, identification friend or foe technology, an integrated C4I system, an SAS close-range reconnaissance system or an antitank guided missile system. It enables the crew to fulfil reconnaissance as well as combat missions especially when a significant safety clearance, penetrating power and precision is required. Its open architecture is another important advantage, ensuring future growth potential and the option of subsequent retrofitting with updated technology. All of this ultimately translates into lower lifecycle costs.
Rheinmetall Boxer with Lance turret

Rheinmetall Boxer with Lance turret

Rheinmetall presented a concept study of the highly mobile Boxer wheeled vehicle equipped with a prototype Lance medium-calibre turret system to a wide audience at Eurosatory 2010. Boxer combines excellent battlefield survivability and combat effectiveness with outstanding operational versatility. Rheinmetall presents the Boxer IFV (Infantry Fighting Vehicle) variant, this equipped with the Rheinmetall LANCE 30mm two-man turret. Combining the Boxer inherent high level of protection and the unique mobility with the latest turret technology, the IFV variant presents stateof- the-art capabilities to face current requirements.

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