Academy of Emergency Medicine

Academy of Emergency Medicine

The Academy of Emergency Medicine (AEM) was founded in 2014 as a non-governmental organization (NGO). Our NGO is based in Slovakia (Slovak Republic) and is registered under the Ministry of Interior of The Slovak Republic. As an NGO, we provide emergency medical care, training and advice and assistance in remote areas throughout the world. We closely cooperate with international humanitarian community, civilian and military medical personnel and coalition security and armed forces.

Academy of Emergency Medicine

Academy of Emergency Medicine

Since the registration in The Kurdistan region of Iraq in 2016, AEM has been operating in war-torn Iraq where our certified nurses, paramedics and doctors are working to save human lives along some of the most volatile and kinetic frontlines in Iraq and Kurdistan. During the course of our operations AEM has already treated over three thousand civilian and military casualties within nine months. Our presence in the region has had a great impact on survivalbility and quality of treatment of war related injuries.
Academy of Emergency Medicine

Academy of Emergency Medicine

AEM was the first NGO to operate in the city of Mosul and other active combat zones. Our staff is always ready and eager to provide its services in areas of military operations in spite of working under harsh and life-threatening conditions. Due to this strategy, we have proved our importance as a major medical and security asset during acute armed conflicts and humanitarian crisis.
Academy of Emergency Medicine

Academy of Emergency Medicine

As the battle against so-called Islamic state continues we are prepared to preform our operations quickly and efficiently anywhere in the world with special reference to Middle East countries. There is no greater feeling than being able to save a human life and help and thus we live and act by a motto “One Second”. Because there is only one second between thought and action, fear and courage and life and death!


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