DX Korea 2018 Defense Industry Exhibition Seoul South Korea Day 1 online show daily News

DX Korea 2018 Defense Industry Exhibition Seoul South Korea Day 1 online show daily News

Day 1 for the editorial team of Army Recognition at DX Korea 2018, the Defense Exhibition near Seoul, South Korea. The Belgian Company Army Recognitin Group SPRL with its online defense and security magazine iArmy Recognition s the Official Online Show Daily News and Web TV for ADEX 2018.

In order to proactively respond to the changes in Northeast Asia situation (and the North Korean threat which has not been substantially diminished) the purchase, operation and maintenance of key weapons systems is an essential task. In order to resolve the anxiety caused by this, South Korea must secure an overwhelming defense capability advantage.

At this level, the defense industry should be recognized as a national task and a new growth engine. In fact, gradual disarmament to domestic defense companies, which rely on military procurement and R & D expenditures for about 84% of production, is no different from disasters in the mid- to long-term. As the inter-Korean confrontation phase is relaxed, the growth rate of arms purchasing budget can be lowered or even reduced. In the end, Salgil is a foreign market. Like major domestic companies, it is important to shift toward export-oriented business and develop new products for it, to secure cost competitiveness through cost reduction and productivity improvement, and to develop and maintain an overseas sales network.

The ‘2018 Korea Defense Industry Show’ (DX Korea 2018), which is held in such a security-economic situation, is expected to serve as a diverse business platform for strengthening competitiveness of domestic defense market and increasing export.
This year, the exhibition area is 22,580㎡ in indoor and 78,653㎡ in outdoor area (total 101,233㎡), making it the largest land forces exhibition in Asia. It is 8 times larger than 2014 when the first event was held and 13% larger than 2016.

Notable points are the attendance of the invited foreign chiefs and VIPs, as well as the US ambassador to Korea and the British ambassador to the UK. The invited VIPs, who have been confirmed so far, are the Chiefs of Staff of five countries in Malaysia, Vietnam, Oman, Kazakhstan and Hungary, and the deputy presidents of 26 countries including Saudi, UAE, Indonesia and the Philippines. In particular, the Malaysian Army Chief of Staff, the country hoping to export many defense companies, will visit this event as the first overseas event after his inauguration to meet with major Korean companies as well as military exchanges with our military and consult with defense companies for export. The organizing committee, which is preparing for the event, is building a diverse business environment inside the exhibition hall, such as the government reception room and VIP lounge, so that participating companies can achieve substantial results.

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DX Korea 2018 Defense Industry Exhibition Seoul South Korea Day 1 online show daily News

DX Korea 2018 Defense Industry Exhibition Seoul South Korea Day 1 online show daily News


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