CM-32 Taiwan Infantry Fighting Vehicle

CM-32 Taiwan Infantry Fighting Vehicle

CM-32 Taiwan Infantry Fighting Vehicle

The CM-32 (Clouded Leopard or Yunpao”), officially Taiwan Infantry Fighting Vehicle (TIFV), is an eight-wheeled armoured vehicle currently being produced for the Republic of China (Taiwan) Army. he CM-32 Yunpao is based on the 6×6 CM-31 designed by Timoney Technology Limited of Ireland and is further developed by the Ordnance Readiness Development Center, it will replace ageing M113s and V-150 armoured vehicles of the Taiwan Army. The project was launched in 2002, at a cost of NT$700 million (US$21.9 million). The Taiwan Army plans to induct up to 1,400 CM-32 vehicles with 368 vehicles entering service by 2017-2018.

The layout of the new CM-32 (8 × 8) APC is similar to other vehicles of this type such as the Swiss MOWAG Piranha and Patria Vehicles Armoured Modular Vehicle. The armor of the CM-32 provides protection of 7.62 mm AP rounds, while the frontal arc withstands 12.7 mm AP rounds. NBC protection and fire suppression systems are also standard. The V-shaped hull protects the occupants from the blasts of land mines. The vehicle can survive the explosions of up to 12kg TNT under any wheel. The CM-32 is also fitted with integrated fire suppression system, as well as a nuclear, biological and chemical (NBC) suite to counter NBC attacks. The electrically operated smoke grenade launchers mounted at turret front create a wide smoke screen to conceal the vehicle from threats.

CM-32 Taiwan Infantry Fighting Vehicle

CM-32 Taiwan Infantry Fighting Vehicle

The CM-32 APC is armed with a 40 mm automatic grenade launcher and a 7.62 mm co-axial machinegun, both mounted in a remote weapons station. The CM-32 IFV is fitted with a power-operated turret mounting a 20mm cannon and 12.7mm heavy machine gun. The vehicle can also be mounted with up to 120mm gun systems or 120mm mortar system. The armament configuration varies based on the mission variant. The secondary armament is a roof-mounted 7.62mm machine gun for local and air-defence purposes. In addition to the infantry carriers, other planned variants include command vehicle, NBC reconnaissance vehicle, mortar carrier (can be configured with either an 81 mm or 120 mm mortar), and assault gun (armed with a 105 mm rifled gun).

The CM-32 is powered by aa Caterpillar C9 diesel engine developing 410 hp coupled to an Allison HD4560P automatic transmission. The engine provides a maximum onroad speed of 120km/h and operational range of 800km. The fully amphibious CM-32 is driven in water by two water jets mounted either side under the hull at the rear. The vehicle has a maximum amphibious speed of 8km/h. Steering is power-assisted and standard equipment includes independent suspension and a central tyre pressure-regulation system that allows the driver to adjust the tyre pressure to suit the terrain being crossed. It is assumed that the vehicle has an NBC system fitted as standard.

CM-32 Taiwan Infantry Fighting Vehicle

CM-32 Taiwan Infantry Fighting Vehicle


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