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Indonesia launches seventh PC-40 class vessel


Indonesia launches seventh PC-40 class vessel

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Indonesia launches seventh PC-40 class vessel
Indonesia launches seventh PC-40 class vessel

The 248-tonne platform, which will be known in service as KRI Albakora with pennant number 867 once it is commissioned, was launched on 26 March at the shipbuilder’s facilities at Banten in West Java.
The ship was received, and inducted into the service’s Armada III (Eastern Fleet/3rd Fleet Command) on 9 July. It will be based at the Indonesian Navy’s naval base at Jayapura, on the island of Papua. The vessel will bolster security in the Gulf of Youtefa, and along Indonesia’s maritime border with Papua New Guinea
The PC-40 class is a lighter armed variant of the Indonesian Navy’s KCR-40 class missile attack craft. Each vessel has been built with weight considerations for a 30 mm calibre naval gun in the primary position, and two 12.7 mm machine guns in the aft section. The Indonesian Navy has commissioned its seventh PC-40-class patrol boat
PT Caputra Mitra Sejati, established in 1971, as a general contractor company. Started with services in Civil and Mechanical Engineering followed by shipbuilder in 1990 and published in 2000. The Shipyard is located in Merak-Serang province of Banten, with the company expertise in naval architecture to all aspect of marine operations, primarily design and modification all of the types of ship.

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