Rheinmetall Fieldranger weapon station with ROSY protection system
Rheinmetall Fieldranger weapon station with ROSY protection system

Rheinmetall Fieldranger Weapon Station with ROSY Protection System

A live demonstration of the Fieldranger 20 equipped with the ROSY smoke protection system. The Fieldranger 20 is a high precision, stabilized 20mm weapon station and is designed for mounting on armored personnel carriers or on Special Forces vehicles. The weapon station can also be used in fix installations for the protection of infrastructure or border control. The integrated high precision 20mm Oerlikon Cannon KAE Cannon is a very reliable weapon with a high rate of fire and excellent precision. The integrated ROSY Rapid Obscuring System produces an instantaneous, large-area, multispectral interruption of the line of sight that shields even moving vehicles with a dynamic, long-lasting smoke screen.

The unique 40mm Rosy_L smoke protection system offers light military and civilian vehicles protection from unexpected attacks, e.g. during patrols or when travelling in convoys. Unlike the conventional smoke protection systems in use, Rosy_L is able to generate dynamic smoke screens as well as spontaneous, large-area and multispectral interruption of the line of sight (LOS). Moreover, its multimission capability represents a sure defence against stream and wave attacks. Due to its integrated IR jamming and decoying capabilities, Rosy_L effectively counters all TV-, EO-, IR-, IIR-, laser- and SACLOS-guided weapons. Rosy_L comprises a basic system with a control device and one to four ROSY launchers per vehicle. By means of a one-click adapter, the system can be quickly mounted to the vehicle without tools, and just as quickly removed and stowed.

The Rheinmetall Fieldranger family encompasses an impressive array of modular remotely controlled weapon stations (RCWS) for combat vehicles. Fully digital and stabilized, they are designed for use in a wide variety of missions and on all types of vehicles. Also various sizes of weapons can be accommodated from small to medium calibres, including 40 mm grenade launchers. The Fieldranger family is the perfect solution for precise engagement of targets, while keeping the operator safe from enemy fire. Recognized supplier of RCWS on the international market, Rheinmetall has integrated more than a thousand weapons stations for the Canadian Army, the French armed forces and the Belgian Army, to name but a few clients. Rheinmetall’s remotely operated weapon stations enjoy a well-earned reputation for endurance under extreme conditions, ease of use, reliability and precision.

The Fieldranger 20 is a compact and low-weight medium calibre weapon station designed for mounting on light armoured or special forces vehicles. It is designed for various applications such as security missions, fire support, and urban area combat. The Fieldranger 20 is armed with a 20 mm x 128 cal. Oerlikon-KAE automatic cannon. The Oerlikon 20 mm cannon is a series of autocannons, based on an original German Becker Type M2 20 mm cannon design that appeared very early in World War I. It is still in use today on some naval units, nominally as a last-recourse anti-air weapon, but mainly used for firing warning shots or incapacitating small vessels. It was widely produced by Oerlikon Contraves (now Rheinmetall Air Defence AG).

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