AAPC (Amphibius Armored Personel Carrier)

A new 8×8 amphibius armored personnel carrier is being developed in Thailand. AAPC (Amphibius Armored Personel Carrier) is being developed by Thai MoD research and development agency (DTI) for the Royal Thai Marine Corps. The baseline armor provides protection against small arms fire and artillery shell splinters. Add-on armor can be fitted for a higher level of protection. Last year, CHO has signed the MoU with ST Kinetics to develop the 8×8 amphibius armoured personnel carrier with amphibious capability. CHO received an order from Defense Technology Institute of the Thai ministry of defense to develop the 8×8 AAPC prototype at the cost of 70 mil THB to be delivered in 360 day. This could replace the AAV in the future, on the other side of ST Kinetics developed armored wheeled 8×8 model Terrex 2 and has been chosen as one of two vehicles who had been promised were initially to compete in the supply of wheeled armored vehicles of the US Marine Corps.

AAPC (Amphibius Armored Personel Carrier)

AAPC (Amphibius Armored Personel Carrier)

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