Solid State Active Denial Technology (SS-ADT)

Solid State Active Denial Technology (SS-ADT)

The Solid State Active Denial Technology (SS-ADT) is a non-lethal weapon system which disrupts hostile activities and can deny personnel from remaining in specific areas, without causing permanent physical harm or collateral damage. SS-ADT is a directed energy weapon which uses radio frequency millimeter waves at 95 GHz traveling at the speed of light to create a brief intolerable heating sensation on the person’s skin at tactically useful ranges. The heating sensation propels individuals to instinctively move to escape the energy. A Soldier is “in the loop” while operating the system and automatically times out in a few seconds to limit exposure, making it safe.The U.S. Army Armaments Research Development and Engineering Center is leveraging Joint Service investments to develop the SS-ADT. The SS-ADT science and technology effort is directed toward improving the size, weight, power and cooling consumption of the current Active Denial System.


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