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BRONCO New Gen All Terrain Tracked Carrier


BRONCO New Gen All Terrain Tracked Carrier

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The Bronco New-Gen is the newest iteration of the battle proven Bronco All Terrain Tracked Carrier, and provides high protection and mobility with increased internal space but lower all up weight. The Bronco New-Gen’s V-shaped front and rear cabin hulls are designed to be stiffer and lighter with greater spaciousness to accommodate various crew and equipment configurations. As the lightest vehicle in the family, the Bronco New-Gen offers growth potential in payload and protection to survive a multitude of IEDs and landmines. The all-welded steel armoured hull of the Bronco New-Gen provides the occupants with protection against firing of small arms 7.62mm AP up to STANAG 4 with add-on protection. The vehicle is motorized with a 6 cylinder in-line Diesel engine coupled to an 6 speed automatic transmission. The Bronco Ne-Gen can run at a maximum road speed of 65 km/h. The Bronco New-Gen is fully amphibious being propelled in the water by its tracks at a maximum speed of 4 km/h without any preparation.The Bronco All Terrain Tracked Carrier (ATTC) is a twin chassis multi-purpose articulated tracked carrier jointly developed by ST Kinetics and the Defence Science & Technology Agency (DSTA) for the Singapore Army. The variant which was in service with the UK armed forces is known as the Warthog.

BRONCO New Gen All Terrain Tracked Carrier
BRONCO New Gen All Terrain Tracked Carrier

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