Japan Ground Self-Defense Force

The Japan Ground Self-Defense Force (Rikujō Jieitai), or JGSDF (sometimes referred to as simply the GSDF), is the main branch of the Japan Self-Defense Forces, responsible for land-based military operations, and is the de facto army of Japan. Created on July 1, 1954, it is the largest of the three services of the Japan Self-Defense Forces. Strategy is determined by the nation’s elongated insular geography, its mountainous terrain, and the nearness of the Asian mainland. The terrain favors local defense against invasion by ground forces, but protection of the approximately 15,800-kilometer coastline of the four main islands would present unique problems in the event of a large-scale invasion. Potentially hostile aircraft and missile bases are so close that timely warning even by radar facilities might be difficult to obtain. Maneuver space is limited to such an extent that ground defenses would have to be virtually in place at the onset of hostilities.
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Japan Ground Self-Defense Force (Rikujō Jieitai JGSDF)
Japan Ground Self-Defense Force (Rikujō Jieitai JGSDF)

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