ALPAGU Tactical Attack UAV

A Turkish defense company is set to introduce a series of new drones with high-tech capabilities to be used in anti-terror and security operations. The new drone family, which was developed by STM Defense Technologies and Engineering Co. for the Turkish Armed Forces and the Undersecretary of Defense Industry (SSM).
STM’s Tactical Attack UAV (kamikaze drones), which have the capability to strike and hit, and autonomous drones, which are equipped with artificial intelligence algorithms for monitoring, will be used together in operations. The name of the drones is “Alpagu,” which means a brave person who fights against an enemy. The Alpagu drones, which can be used both autonomously or manual, have fixed wings and can be launched from a lancer. This drone can be made ready in just 45 seconds, according to the report.
ALPAGU is a fixed-wing tactical loitering & attack UAV solution engineered for anti-terror and asymmetric warfare scenarios. Due to its portability, it can be deployed and operated by a single personnel. Launched from a pneumatic portable launcher, the System is expendable for single use and performs high-precision surveillance and reconnaissance missions (autonomous or manual modes) to neutralize threats within a tactical range of 5 kms.
ALPAGU facilitates its autonomy through sophisticated computer vision and deep learning algorithms, such as tracking, detection and classification of static/moving targets (i.e. vehicle, person etc.). The system is comprised of the fixed-wing UAV, launcher system and ground control unit.

ALPAGU Tactical Attack UAV

ALPAGU Tactical Attack UAV


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