Naughty Boys & Soldiers

Naughty Boys & Soldiers is a 1996 Taiwanese comedy film directed by Kevin Chu and written by Kuo Cheng, set in a 1970s coastal town with a primary school and a conscription military base. While most of the comedy is slapstick zaniness, the film also pokes fun at the many absurdities in Taiwan’s White Terror period, such as schools encouraging children to idolize Chiang Kai-shek and regurgitate his anti-Communist rhetoric. In Taiwan, the White Terror was the suppression of political dissidents following the February 28 Incident. The period of martial law lasted for 38 years and 57 days from 19 May 1949 to 15 July 1987.
Theme song Hudie Fei Ya (Fly, Butterfly) performed by Xiao Hu Dui
Naughty Boys & Soldiers

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