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Rheinmetall Unveils ROSY_VL Rapid Vertical Launch Defense System


Rheinmetall Unveils ROSY_VL Rapid Vertical Launch Defense System

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Rheinmetall Unveils ROSY_VL Rapid Vertical Launch Defense System
Rheinmetall Unveils ROSY_VL Rapid Vertical Launch Defense System

At Eurosatory 2024, Rheinmetall preseted the first ever solution for a vertically launch smoke protection system – the ROSY_VL Rapid Obscuring System Vertical Launch. This unit uses the tried-and-tested ROSY_Mod launcher modules
in a vertical arrangement. Ten smokegrenades fired from the unit create a smoke shield above the vehicle. This quickly and effectively interrupts the line of sight in both the visible and IR spectral range. Hence, ROSY is the one of the world’s first proven obscuring system against top-attack-assaults from drones and anti-tank missiles. Using the ROSY smoke launcher already in service on many vehicles, this new launcher/dispenser unit can be used to create a hemispherical shield.

Rheinmetall’s 40 mm Rapid Obscuring System is available in various customer specific configurations for numerous applications. It offers unique protection for military and civilian vehicles against unexpected attacks. In contrast to conventional smoke protection systems, ROSY generates a wide-ranging and long-lasting line-of-sight-interruption in the visible and IR spectral range in less than a second and thus also provides spontaneous protection while moving. This means that all TV, EO, IR, IIR, LASER and SACLOS-guided weapons can effectively
be countered.

ROSY_VL Rapid Vertical Launch Defense System
ROSY_VL Rapid Vertical Launch Defense System. (Photo by Rheinmetall)

ROSY’s multi-mission capability assures 360° protection from multiple attackers without reloading, including stream and wave attacks. Moreover, thanks to effective screening in the visual and infrared spectrums, including integrated IR jamming and decoying effects, ROSY effectively counters conventional weapons, weapons with optical devices and laser rangefinders. This includes top attack protection against reconnaissance and target acquisition by drones or guided weapons. Rosy_L comprises a basic system with a control device and one to four Rosy launchers per vehicle. By means of an one-click adapter, the system can be quickly mounted to the vehicle without tools, and just as quickly removed and stowed.

Rheinmetall provides smoke grenades to protect soldiers, small units and combat vehicles as well as multispectral and visual smoke projectiles for the employment of area smoke on the enemy area by artillery and mortars to protect larger units and military installations. With its new hybrid protection approach Rheinmetall combines active soft-kill and hard-kill technologies with passive protection. As protection system vendor the unit Protection System offers unique 360-degree protection solutions. Rheinmetall AG is a German automotive and arms manufacturer, headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany. It is the fifth largest arms manufacturer in Europe, and produces a variety of armored fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers, in both wheeled and tracked versions.

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