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BAE Systems Unveils NavStorm-M Gun-hardened GPS Receiver


BAE Systems Unveils NavStorm-M Gun-hardened GPS Receiver

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BAE Systems Unveils NavStorm-M Gun-hardened GPS Receiver
BAE Systems Unveils NavStorm-M Gun-hardened GPS Receiver

At the Joint Navigation Conference in Cincinnati, BAE Systems unveiled NavStorm™- M, a gun-hardened integrated anti-jamming and global positioning system (GPS) receiver for artillery, bombs, missiles, and unmanned systems. The newly enhanced GPS receiver is the latest addition to BAE Systems’ extensive portfolio of products that provide advanced and secure GPS solutions for airborne, ground, and weapons systems. NavStorm-M features a layered protection approach using beamforming, anti-spoofing, resiliency, and software assurance. It is a next-generation Assured-Positioning, Navigation and Timing (A-PNT) device featuring M-Code GPS technology that supports warfighters through successful mission completion.

“With the introduction of the compact and highly jam- and spoof-resistant NavStorm-M, our team now provides advanced, cost-effective solutions for everyone in the M-Code space,” said Doug Lloyd, Director of Weapon Systems for GPS at BAE Systems. “Our broad portfolio allows us to solve our customers’ problems in a way that is scaled to specific SWaP-C and performance requirements.”

The capability is designed to meet the tight size, weight, power, and cost (SWaP-C) requirements of unmanned aircraft systems, loitering munitions, hypersonic platforms, and other weapons – especially in gun-hardened applications. NavStorm-M delivers precise GPS navigation as a stand-alone system or when integrated with an inertial navigation system. BAE Systems has delivered Selective Availability Anti-Spoofing Module products to more than 45 countries and has begun delivering M-Code GPS receivers in multiple form factors and levels of capability to the U.S. armed forces and its allies via the Foreign Military Sales program. Production of NavStorm-M will take place at BAE Systems’ 278,000-square-foot engineering and manufacturing center of excellence in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

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