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ARX Robotics Raises Largest European Defencetech Seed Round to Fill NATO’s Robotics Gap


ARX Robotics Raises Largest European Defencetech Seed Round to Fill NATO’s Robotics Gap

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ARX Robotics Raises Largest European Defencetech Seed Round to Fill NATO's Robotics Gap
ARX Robotics Raises Largest European Defencetech Seed Round to Fill NATO's Robotics Gap

ARX Robotics, a manufacturer of scalable robotic systems for mass deployment in both defence and commercial applications, announces the successful closure of a 9M EUR seed funding round. This is the largest seed funding round to date for a European DefenceTech company. Europe and the Western Allies are lacking mass autonomous unmanned systems to future-proof armed forces in a rapidly changing technological environment. ARX robotic systems are filling this gap by providing a robust and scalable solution capable of supporting and protecting troops in missioncritical tasks. At the heart of ARX is the modular GEREON unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) series which can be easily outfited for a variety of defence scenarios including live fire training and simulation, transport and medical evacuation, or specialised sensor applications in reconnaissance missions. The modularity enables a large variety of mission-specific use cases offering flexibility with add-on and payload solutions.

“We are honored to support ARX and to help them scale production across Europe. As the need to prepare for a future of unmanned warfare continues, ground autonomy remains a difficult problem to solve. Informed by insights from serving in the armed forces, the team at ARX has developed a leading, cost-effective, modular ground system that can be mass-produced and easily deployed in defence, humanitarian crises, and beyond.” Chris O’Connor, NATO Innovation Fund

“The armies of Western democracies are not prepared for robotic warfare. To significantly enhance the capabilities of our armed forces and serve as a force multiplier, an interconnected critical mass of autonomous unmanned ground
systems is required. These systems must be simple to manufacture in a decentralized manner and deployable in critical mass. ARX is commited to contributing to European technological sovereignty by scaling up the production of these systems, generating software-defined systems, and developing adaptive hardware to meet the demand for robust and autonomous unmanned systems”, says Marc Wietfeld, CEO and Co-Founder of ARX Robotics.

German Armed Forces Deploy ARX Robotics’ Gereon RCS Systems in Slovakia
German Armed Forces deploy ARX Robotics’ Gereon RCS Systems in Slovakia. (Photo by ARX Robotics)

GEREON robots are already in service and tested with several European armies, among them the armed forces of Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Hungary as well as Ukraine. In training scenarios, they have already introduced a new dimension of situational awareness for soldiers. Batlefield experiences are continuously incorporated into the development cycles. ARX robots can also be deployed as robotic all-rounders in various commercial and humanitarian use cases to increase the safety and efficiency of workforces. For example, they can help to autonomously surveil critical infrastructure with sensors and serve as transport equipment in disaster areas and rough terrain. ARX combines robust hardware, modular design and cuting-edge software. The company is able to rapidly create cost-effective unmanned ground systems for single or multi-use purposes. The adaptable platforms can be seamlessly configured in the field within minutes and without any tools. ARX software combines off-the-shelf hardware components and artificial intelligence to create intelligent, networked robots. Software updates are conducted over-the-air.

ARX was founded by soldiers-turned-entrepreneurs. The founding team of Marc Wietfeld, Stefan Röbel and Maximilian Wied combines years of military knowledge, engineering skills and business experience. The new funding round will be used to expand the team and scale production capabilities in Europe. With the NATO Innovation Fund as lead investor supported by Project A Ventures and Discovery Ventures, ARX is well positioned to fulfil its mission of contributing to European tech resilience and sovereignty. ARX Robotics is a German venture capital-financed start-up in the field of defense tech. The dual-use robotics company develops autonomous unmanned ground systems with scalable hardware components and software architectures. With its innovative, modular platforms, ARX leverages the
transformative potential of robotics to reshape opportunities in productivity, efficiency, and safety for various industries. ARX systems are currently being deployed, procured, or tested by six European armed forces in the areas of reconnaissance, surveillance, transportation, CASEVAC, training and simulation.

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