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Successful Test Firings Propel Thailand’s DTI-1G Rocket System Towards Deployment


Successful Test Firings Propel Thailand’s DTI-1G Rocket System Towards Deployment

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Successful Test Firings Propel Thailand’s DTI-1G Rocket System Towards Deployment
Successful Test Firings Propel Thailand’s DTI-1G Rocket System Towards Deployment

The Royal Thai Army (RTA) and the Defence Technology Institute (DTI) have collaborated since 2012 on the research and development of the Multiple Launch Ground to Ground Guided Rocket System DTI-1G. The project aims to enhance the firepower of the Royal Thai Armed Forces while minimizing reliance on foreign technology and maximizing self-sufficiency. The DTI-1G project is structured into two key phases. Phase 1 focused on technology transfer from the People’s Republic of China (PRC), laying the groundwork for the development of the rocket system. Phase 2 builds upon this foundation, utilizing the acquired knowledge to foster a domestic industry capable of independently designing and developing essential components, including rocket launcher vehicles, rocket carrier vehicles, command control vehicles, and logistics and maintenance systems. This phase emphasizes collaboration with Thai industrial private sectors, engaging foreign partners only when necessary.

A pivotal milestone was reached when a team of engineers from DTI and three Thai companies—Cho Thavee Public Company Limited, Preechataworn Industry Company Limited, and Aero Fluid Company Limited—successfully developed a rocket launcher vehicle domestically and installed a Fire Control System (FCS) at the technology partner’s facility in Chengdu, PRC. This achievement marked the commencement of an essential testing phase. The Qualification Test, crucial for verifying the system’s quality, was followed by the Acceptance Test with the Army, conducted at a weapons testing range in the PRC. During the test, held from April 23 to 27, 2024, the DTI-1G rocket system demonstrated remarkable precision, with all guided rockets accurately hitting their targets at a distance of 150 kilometers.

DTI-1G  multiple rocket launcher system
DTI-1G multiple rocket launcher system. (Photo by DTI)

The successful test firing of the DTI-1G rocket system underscores several key achievements:

  1. Operational Efficiency: The DTI-1G rocket system meets required standards, confirming its operational effectiveness.
  2. Engineering and Industrial Capability: The project validates the expertise of Thai engineers and the domestic industry in designing and developing a multiple launch guided rocket system in collaboration with international partners.
  3. Maintenance Proficiency: Thai engineers have proven their capability to maintain and ensure the operability of the DTI-1G rocket system for a decade, covering both the rocket launcher vehicles and the guided rockets.
  4. Training Effectiveness: The comprehensive training programs for operating and maintaining the DTI-1G system, which include classroom instruction, field exercises, computer-based training, and live-fire tests, have been validated.
  5. System Reliability: The DTI-1G rocket system has shown quality, reliability, and trustworthiness, performing efficiently even after ten years.
  6. Army Proficiency: The successful training and operational readiness of Army personnel in handling the DTI-1G system ensure preparedness for national defense missions.
 DTI-1G  multiple rocket launcher system.
DTI-1G multiple rocket launcher system. (Photo by DTI)

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